Manolo Blahnik Rocco Studded Sandal...

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  1. hi ladies, not sure if this has been posted about before since the search tool is disabled right now, so sorry in advance if it has. Anyway my question is, does anyone know where to find the Manolo Blahnik Rocco studded sandal? i have checked a few places and i haven't found any SA's who have even the slightest idea what i am talking about. I've tried NM and Barneys so far. Does anyone even know what season these are from? I am desperate to find a pair!

    here is a picture of ashley olson wearing them....

    (please note i am looking for the ROCCO style with teh raised pyramid style studs...not the flat round looking studs. there is another style out by MB that i have found at NM that is very similar (with the round studs), but that is not what i am looking for) Thanks so much to anyone who can offer any hints!

  2. I think I saw those on sale at Bergdorf Goodman (NYC) right after Christmas. You might want to give them a call....not sure if the sale has ended already.
  3. I'm also almost positive I saw those at NM Scottsdale AZ, but I think they were in larger sizes, like maybe 10 and above... I'd call and check it out!
  4. [​IMG]

    Ohhh, those are sooo HOT!! Let us know if you find a pair!!
  5. NM HAD them, and maybe still does. Worth a call
  6. Sorry to bump this old thread...but has anyone seen them around recently?
  7. Try eBay, that's where I found mine a few months ago. Here are mine:
  8. I saw them at Footcandy this weekend. I think they just got them in. I was surprised that they were there at all since it's from older seasons. It's not on the website yet. Try giving them a call.