Manolo Blahnik Online?

  1. Lately, I've been obsessed with Manolos... However, I am currently in Columbus until June 3. I have 2 more weeks to go before I'll be in Atlanta. I'm so itchy to buy a pair of Manolos right now, but the ones that I want from or doesn't have my size.

    Anybody can recommend me where I can buy a pair of Manolos online other than these stores? And also, I've tried to look at, but their online selections are unapplealing to me. So anybody have any ideas?
  2. footcandy? they have a decent selection of manolos :smile:.
  3. those are really the only places i know of that sell manolo online - imo, you should wait till you get to atlanta and shop bobellis in person (and Saks, and NM...). They're FABULOUS.
  4. I know.. I just have the itch to buy something right now. :cry:
  5. believe me, i TOTALLY understand :yes:
    but just imagine the gratification you'll feel when you try on tons of pairs to find just the PERFECT one...that feels so much better than buying online imo...especially for manolos...
  6. Call Neiman's or Bergdorfs directly. They will do a charge send. No big deal. : )
  7. other than those you already listed, there's footcandyshoes. i wish there were more places!
  8. Thanks ladies... I think I'm going to wait till I get to Atlanta. There's a few pairs that I'm interested from footcandyshoes, but then again they don't have my size.
  9. Hi ladies, can anybody tell me how manolo's fit? I'm trying to buy a pair online because they don't sell the ones I want in my area. Do they fit similar to jimmy choo's or louboutn's? Any help would be amazing. Thank you
  10. Nordstroms sells Manolos online

  11. I wanted to say this. Not the best selection but yes :smile: