Manolo Blahnik & Jimmy Choo sizing question

  1. Could someone be kind enough to tell me if I wear 5 1/2 for Jimmy Choo's strappy sandels, and 6 for closed toe closed heel shoes, what size am I for Manolo Blahnik's? I vaguely remember I tried a pair of Manolo strappy sandels but not sure it was 5 or 5 1/2. (US sizes I am talking about here)

  2. I think Jimmy Choo's sizing varies widely. I have some 37s, and some 39s. Waay less consistent than Manolos, imo. I don't buy them on line although I've worn them for year, they're just too unpredictable. Sorry to be of little help.
  3. i wear a 35 1/2 and 36 in both choos and blahniks.
  4. I wear a 7.5 or 8 in both Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. On my foot, it just depends on the style of the shoe. I recommend you try them on to determine the size.
  5. it depends on the type of shoe...anyway, in both i wear 35.5
  6. Many thanks ladies. Neither shops are in my area...
  7. My main addiction is handbags, but after seeing "The Devil Wears Prada" and a couple of SATC episodes I've decided it's time to get a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choos. There are no stores here that carry those brands, so I guess it's eBay for me, which makes me kind of insecure. Spending lots of money on a pair of shoes I can't even try on doesen't sound like the best idea, but I have no choice if I want a pair without flying to London. Anyway, my question is:
    How does Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo shoes and boots run sizewise? Are they big or small? And are the boots only for people with superskinny legs?
  8. for me, jimmy choo runs true-to-size. i sometimes size up 1/2 size depending on if the shoe is supernarrow. boots are really for people with skinny/normal legs. if you have muscular calves like me, they need to be stretched out prior to wearing.
  9. Hi Millie,

    Manolo Blahnik's shoes fit true for me. I don't wear boots; sorry I can't help there.
  10. Manolos and Jimmy Choos run true to size.
  11. I find that I go up 1/2 size in the sandals and wear my normal size in close-toed for both Manolo and Jimmy Choo. Hope that helps!
  12. Both run true to size on me. But like Jennifer said, you have to have pretty thin legs (very little - if any calf muscle) to wear Choo boots. It's really something they need to fix. They would sell more boots!
  13. Both Manolo and Jimmy Choo runs true to size for me. I'm a size 6 and own pumps and mules in both brands (no boots though so cannot tell you how those fit).
  14. Hi, new to this site so hope I'm posting in the right place :smile:
    Anyway, I decided a few months back I was finally going to get myself some blahniks! When at the Florida mall this past spring went to Neimans to try on a pair. I figurered I'd start by manolo colleciton with a basic pair of beige slingback pumps. I was told that MB's run small. Usually I wear a size 8 but when trying these on the rep said the 9 fit well. So later when I'm back home, I buy the same shoes online, size 9. Well, I am having such a problem as they keep slipping off my feet, I guess my feet are too wide for MB so the 9 was the only way to get them. A few times I put a ton of bandaids on my heels just so they would stay put. Even purchased these heel things at the drugstore, they did not work. Now I'm thinking of putting these on ebay hoping to get at least $200 (i paid $470). Any suggestions?
  15. What I would do is go by measurements. From tip of toe to heel and widest part of ball of foot. Take a shoe that fits you well and go by those measurements. Most MB or JC are 3 -3 1/4 inches wide. A LOT of women have feet wider than that and IMO shouldn't wear them.