Manolo Blahnik Heels question..Please help!

  1. Okay....I have been trying to locate manolo Bahnik Sederaby either in silver or black in my size. After making like a million calls, I found one. But I am wondering if 105 mm would look better than 90mm? Or 105 would hurt feet more than 90? That small of difference in height of heels can make a difference of comfort level on feet...I know that part...But I don't know if this brand's shoes never hurt feet no matter what height of heels is? I am only like 5'3"~5'4". So, I love high hills like 4"...

    Should I cancel order on 90mm and walt to get 105mm? PLEASE HELP! If I want to cancel the order on 90mm, I have to make a decision ASAP:sad: . Any advice, please?
  2. I have the 90s in silver and they are the most comfortable shoes ever. This style does run a bit big, in my experience. Mine are .5 size smaller than my other Manolos. Saks had them recently, in both silver and black in the 90mm.
  3. I have the silver in 105 and they are very comfortable. They're just a tiny bit big on me. Just like lulilu said, the Seradabys run a bit big so go down half a size.
  4. Thank you~~!!
  5. Wait for the 105. I am also 5'4 and I don't find the 105 uncomfortable. However, I ordered mine in a size 6 and they turned out to be half a size too big. The boutique is out of 5.5 so I am eagerly awaiting their next shipment. what size do you wear?
  6. I'm 5"2 and have the 105cm. They are comfortable but I had to size down half a size.
  7. Agree with the posts above; buy a half-size smaller than your normal Blahnik pump size.

    If you are accustomed to wearing 3-3.5 inch heel, you will love the 105 mm heels from Blahnik.