Manolo Blahnik Coffee Table Book

  1. I've considered purchasing this book a few times but there were never any pics of the pics inside. I didn't want it to be like the LV book which doesn't have that many pics but a lot of information on LV's history. While thats great information, I wanted more pics. :P

    Are their a lot of pics in this book?
  2. I saw this book in Barnes and Noble, if I remember correctly, there were a great deal of pictures. Do you have a B&N nearby so that you check it out in person?
  3. ^^^^I do. I'll have to ck it out next time I'm in there.
  4. ya there aren't many pages without pics - I haven't even bothered to read it yet (when there are words lol) but the photos are TO DIE FOR!!! and the book is huge in presentation and size, I think it's 12x14? and the photos are full bleed and vibrant!

    I love how the photographs were taken with the palate of inspiration. I just ADORE shoes!!!!!!!!!
  5. That is actually so artistic and really appealing to any fashion lover... I will have to check it out too. The one person that I am *sure* that would make fun of me is my brother, but thats ok.. I'm used to it by now!!
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