Manolo Blahnik Camo D'Orsay

  1. As I was browsing through Neiman's website, I came about this MB jewelled D' camo! Is camo the latest "in" thing? If you could remember, I posted a M by MJ camo flats on my last thread.

    What do you ladies think of this Manolo's?


  2. I like camo but I think it's a sin to put it on those shoes!
  3. I have to agree with you Faith. I love D'Orsay...that's why the moment I saw it I just got to post it here.

  4. IMO, they are too cute and I want them.
  5. yep, somebody else posted this a few days ago. I just do not think the camoflauge thing is suitable on this fab shoe. It just looks wrong to me ;)
  6. Love em!
  7. I think they're fabulous. Camo has been pretty trendy for the last couple of seasons, but I had never seen it applied like this before and I think it's great because they're so different - yet chic!
  8. I saw that on NM website as well. I'm honestly not a big fan of camo pattern but when I saw those manolos I just had to love them! It must be the light color they decide to use for the D'orsays, I think they look gorgeous.
  9. i have seen these in person, and i really just don't get the juxtaposition of the camo on these otherwise elegant shoes...
    i think i'm a purist and just like them in the solid colors- satin or leather.
  10. I kind of like them. I probably wouldn't buy them, but I think they'd be cute to show off just a little camo.
  11. mmmm...i'm not sure about them...!
  12. Ohhhh I luuurrrve them to death. :smile: I just wish I had the ~$1000 AUD to buy them.
  13. i don't like camo but i think these are kinda cute
  14. no thanks!
  15. i love that particular Manolo design, but would much prefer it in either black or red. I find the camo colours too limiting because i'm the kind of person who likes to match shoes to something else in my outfit.