Manolo Blahnik annual sale

  1. I miss the sale every year and haven't heard anything about it recently. Does anyone know when it is? I'm pretty sure it's some time in February, but I want to confirm the dates so I don't miss it again.

  2. I'd be interested to know when this is also. Also is this in store only? Or is there a way to purchase online. Thanks in advance!
  3. Saks and Neimans have been marking them down for three weeks now. I finally scored my first pair last Tues. They are so beautifully made. I bought a nude pair of sandles that wrap around the front of your foot. The strap in the back is wide with a big silver buckle off the ankle, sexy and sophisticated all at the same time. The man is a genius.
  4. So has Bergdorf. I'm not sure about the boutiques but department stores have been having sales on them. susieserb, do you have any pics of your new manolos? I would love to see them.
  5. I saw those at Saks. They were absolutely gorgeous.
  6. I'm getting my husband digital this weekend and will take pics of these shoes and my new purses.:yes:
  7. Word has it that the Manolo Blahnik NYC store is starting their sale TODAY (Tuesday 1/2), beginning with a 30% mark-down on select past-season styles. Then it goes to 40%, 50% and so forth as the weeks go by. I might go check it out if I have time later today.
  8. ^^Cool, I'll be in NYC next week and must stop by :yes:
  9. Did you get any shoes? Is it a wide selection of styles and sizes? Should I venture out also? I was eyeing some boots...
  10. Is there an offical Manolo website?
  11. Hi... anyone know where the Blahnik store is in NYC??? Any news on their year-end sale or sample sale???
  12. The store is on 54th off of 5th (btwn 5th and 6th). It's easy to miss though so watch out for it! It's on the north side of the street.
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  14. went there yesterday. its 1/3 off the retail price. i think barneys is cheaper and bergdorf has stacks of manolos.
  15. did anyone score any good buys?