Manolo at BG

  1. gone! but gorgeous... congrats to whoever got them..
  2. are available now size 39
  3. FYI girls, these are my favorite shoes (as you can see by my profile :smile: lol) but you should know that they run small!
  4. Ugh I really want AND they're still available but I don't have a BG anywhere near me and if they don't fit I hate paying for return shipping.

    Can you return BG merchandise at NM or is that a dumb question? LOL
  5. $250 for camparis is an absolute steal!
  6. Yes, you can return to NM. But some NM charges the return shipping fee if the item is purchased from BG.:jammin:
  7. It's gone again! 39 is what i'm looking for, just need to keep checking.
  8. It looks like both BG and NM have cleaned out their online sale of virtually everything. Yesterday there were almost 11 pages of handbags and tons of shoes still online. Today, about half or more of the merchandise is gone. Who wants to take bets that it ends up at the outlets?