Manolo, and Zanotti, and Louboutin...OH MY!!

  1. my latest buys from last week....

    -manolo blahnik taupe patent knee high boots from Neimans
    -giuseppe zanotti leopard wedge heels from Saks
    -christian louboutin ribbon wedge sandals from Saks
    manolo boots.JPG zanotti shoes.JPG louboutin wedges.JPG
  2. oh, i really like those manolo boots. they are hot!!
  3. I love those Guiseppe Wedges they are fierce and funky and very unique. I tried them on but I was scared to take the plunge because I ended buy boots and clothes that day. But I am glad you did.
  4. I LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!! I tried them on at NM also...they didn't have my size at the time...I'm still waiting~~~ Love the new goodies!!!
  5. :drool: Wow! They're all beautiful! Congrats!
  6. gorgeous!!!!
  7. Love The Booots
  8. Great choices! I love the Zanotti pair.
  9. thank u everyone! i have another pair of louboutins i'm picking up from Saks on friday! burgundy patent wingtip heels!! YAY!! going shopping again today too, so let's see what else i can find!
  10. i love the unique:love::drool:
  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love all of them!!!
  12. Woohoo! Gorgeous!
  13. love the boots~
  14. Love the boots.
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