manolo and louboutin question

  1. :yes: hi guys im new here!this site is really great and ever since ive been here ive noticed that quite a lot of you shop from ebay also ive noticed that you now your stuff,:P
    ive never bought from ebay but NATURALGASGIRL is selling a pair and even though many in the forum say she sells authentic im thinking of getting this pair of manolos(i havent seen this one though its carries stolen shoe but in camoflauge) can you guys see it and tell me if its the real deal??:confused1:
    ty ty ty
    i hope i got at least one link right

    eBay: NGG MANOLO BLAHNIK CAMOUFLAGE SEDARABY SHOES 39/9 (item 110021298150 end time Nov-11-06 21:25:53 PST)

    eBay: NGG MANOLO BLAHNIK CAMOUFLAGE SEDARABY SHOES 39/9 (item 110021298150 end time Nov-11-06 21:25:53 PST)
  2. She sells authentic stuff. I bought a pair of louboutins and blahniks from her. =) Good luck!
  3. I've bought a pair of manolos off her and they are authentic!
    Love these shoes BTW!:love:
  4. They definitely look authentic, but hope you do not mind me saying that I do not think the camouflage suits the sederaby at all :smile:. I would hold out for a plain coloured pair that would be a classic for ever.
  5. She sells authentic. I have those in silver and they are comfy also.
  6. I love those:love:
  7. I have bought louboutins from her and she's great and her stuff is absolutely authentic!
  8. I saw those exact pair at thew Neiman Marcus Cusp boutique in Tyson's Corner. I don't think it's necessary to pay $900 to get them. In fact, they will probably go on sale.
  9. Yes her stuff is real, I brought I shoe from her also. I have also seen those shoes in store before.
  10. thanks guys so much for the imput:yes:
    i agree that the silver ones are also great that you said
    unfortunately i cant buy them from Neiman Marcus cause i live in Greece so ebay was my only shot at these shoes:cursing:
    but its good to know that at least this seller sells authentic stuff
    but i wonder why she prices them so much higher than the actual stores???
  11. im gonna try and see if they ship overseas, Naturalgasgirl is selling them for a lot and id hate to purchase shoes costing 900dollars when i can get them with 645 at Neiman Marcus...thanks a lot:yes:
  12. I dont understand how NaturalGasGirl can have this many pairs of shoes - esp Sedaraby and they are all real, they no longer sell them in Manolo Blahnik's shop, so how does she have so many? This makes me think they are fake. Can anyone reassure me, as I really want a pair for my wedding day x
  13. I brought several shoes from her and her shoes seems real to me. I read some where on this forum that she is close to her SA in Barneys or something like that. They just notifiy her when new shipments come in. You can msg her and she will answer in a timely matter.
  14. NGG's stuff are all authentic -- she's been on ebay for years & is well known to be one of several reputable re-sellers of high-end shoes. The Manolo boutique in Manhattan generally carries the "Sedaraby" and other signature styles like the "Campari" Mary Jane in the 105 mm / 4-inch version....that is, WHEN those highly-sought-after styles are available. They DO re-release those styles every now & then (for example, earlier this year, they did get a new shipment of both the silver "Sedaraby" and the black patent "Campari" in the 4-inch version, but all sold-out through pre-orders/waiting-lists almost instantly) -- they don't put those ones out on display even when they get them, so someone stopping by the boutique probably won't know; you have to know the SA's/be on the wait-list/etc. grab them fast when the re-orders come in. Barneys NYC & Bergdorf's, unlike the boutique, orders those shoes every single season -- just never in the 4-inch.....highest they go is 90 mm / ~3.5 inches (which is not really my cup of tea). So NGG is able to get ample stock of "Sedaraby"s every season through Barneys NYC -- but it's all in the 90mm version.