Manny, a little rescue pup I have been following....(sad pic)

  1. [​IMG]This is Manny. He is a Min pin Rescue dog that is 8 years old. His story has broken my heart. I have so much respect and admiration for the adopted mom that is trying to bring him back to good health. As you can see he suffered from a severe case of starvation. He is 8 years old and almost died, has been in and out of the hospital and trying so hard to recover. Please know, I realize there are so many cases like this one. He just really got to me as I have a black and tan min pin and it made me so sad. I wrote to the adopted mom and she wrote me back. I wanted to share this with you all as it always amazes me how there truly are such loving wonderful people in the world. We focus on the bad alot, and when a good one stands out it is refreshing. I will share the email in the next post.
  2. Jamie:

    Thanks so much for the concern. Actually, the second picture is after I had had him for a month. His eyes were brighter and he was more "stable" on his feet. When I got him, he could hardly stand up to pee, he would fall over most of the time.
    Now, after 2 months, we ( with the vet) have determined that he has severe gastrointestinal disorder and probably will have it for the rest of his life. I do have a lady who actually saw him in Animal Control who wants to adopt him when and if he can get well enough, hopefully in early December. He seems to be a happy little guy, he just loves my husband and is just starting to wag his tail at us and ask for attention. I am sure he was a stud dog who spent almost all his time in a crate, he has spinal fusions in his back so he will always walk with somewhat of a hump, although it will look better as he puts on some weight. Right now, he hasn't put on much weight, all his food is going to repair, I would say, but his hair on his hips is growing back in and he is truly not quite as gaunt as he was. He loves his little jackets since he has no fat to keep him warm, so even tho we have been in the 80's, he always wears a little shirt or sweater. He has a very beautiful face and I am hoping we can get the rest of his body to reflect what he once was.

    I greatly appreciate your inquiry and it has been heartening to know how many people have cared about this little guy. At 8, he is still so young for a pin and he so deserves the chance to have a "normal" puppy life with someone who really loves him.

    Thanks Again,
  3. Oh man, we see these stories all the time. Poor little guy. WTF with people? I give up.
  4. That poor little man - hopefully he is starting a new part of his story now. :flowers:

    I agree, how can people do something like that?:nogood:
  5. He still has not gained any wieght but they say he seems happier. She is going to keep me up to date. He has TONs of medical bills and still has a long way to go. I hope he will be all right.
  6. Thanks for sharing his story... what a sad little guy. But how great that this woman has shown him love I'm sure he'd never known before. She is a very special person, keep us posted if you hear anything else about this sweet doggie.
  7. Is there a website? I'd love to go visit and maybe make a donation. TIA
  8. Sunshine he sounds like such a sweet little dog.

    I am glad that he finally has wonderful people like you who care about him :smile:
  9. :crybaby:Awww poor baby. I hope he gets better ASAP. I'll say a prayer for him and send good thoughts his way. Get well soon Manny!:flowers:
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Little Man (Manny): 8 yr old black & tan male, docked tail and cropped ears. 12", 6 lb. Shots up-to-date. Rescued from shelter.
    This is one of the worst cases of starvation we have ever seen. This little guy almost lost his life. When we got him, he immediately had to be put into Hospital and on IV fluids, he was so dehydrated. We have him home now, he is on an intense program of feeding, pedialyte to rehydrate, and warm jackets and blankies to keep him warm. He still has diarrhea but he is on medication to try to get that under control.
    If anyone can see clear to donate to this little guy's recovery, it would be greatly appreciated. At 8, he still has many years left if we can get him healthy again. He has a very strong will to live as has been evidenced by his attitude about everything. He is a lover. He needs a good home. He REALLY needs a good home that will love him for the rest of his little life and never deprive him of food again.
    Please send your donation to:
    IMPS, Inc.
    P.O. Box 15305
    Clearwater, FL 33766-5305
    Put Manny and tag #17537 in the memo section. Thank you in advance for your help and support with this little man.
    Please contact his foster mom if you would like to adopt him. You would never be sorry.
    UPDATE 10/3: It has been a struggling three weeks trying to figure out what is wrong with this little guy. It quickly became apparent that he had more than just diarrhea; it was filled with blood. He also had the sniffles which by the following weekend had turned into early pneumonia. More hospital visits and overnights with IV fluids and antibiotics were done, and finally we had some x-rays. His foster mom (me) was sure he had cancer, but no masses were found. His intestines, however, showed severe gastritis and irritation. So, now we have him on new food and medication, hoping to get that cleared up so we can get some weight on him. He is a feisty little guy with a strong will to live. He absolutely loves my husband and is at his feet waiting to be picked up as soon as he comes home. It is good to see him with a little more spunk and vigor. Thank you so much to those of you who have sent in donations for his care. His vet bills have continued to mount so anyone who feels they can send a few dollars will be greatly appreciated.
    Note: Manny is located in Tampa Bay - and we will not fly this boy.
    IMPS Tag: 17537
    UPDATED: 10/03/07
  11. Adriane...this is his whole add, with the donation addy. If you need anything else let me know! Thank you!!!
  12. Poor Manny, I hope and pray for his recovery. He seems soooo thin :sad:
    If I live in the US, I would gladly send a few bucks for Manny, this lil guy deserves it.
  13. :crybaby::crybaby:Poor little guy. I pray that he will feel much much better and will have a speedy and successful recovery. This little guy deserves the best life ever. I don't even have words for what evil person did this to him.:cursing:
    God bless this woman for helping and saving this dog.
  14. I just wanted to let you all know that poor little Manny passed away this morning. I feel so sad....poor little guy could not recover from the horrendous abuse he suffered for so long. Rest in peace little Manny.
  15. Oh that just breaks my heart. I've thought about this little guy often. Poor sweet thing. I am so glad that he was able to have some happy days before he went. So, so unfair.