Manly keyring - any suggestions

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  1. #1 Jul 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2009
    Thought I'd get DH a keyring to celebrate his driving licence success which arrived in the post yesterday :yahoo:

    In your opinion which is the manliest keyring Mulberry have available at the outlets? - also would a neutral coloured letter leather keyring be too feminine?

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Thanks ladies.
  2. Sorry can't help with the keyring thing - but how about a drive to Bicester to celebrate :graucho:
  3. I gave DH an oak keyring at Christmas, kind of like this one but without the brass disc on the front and a bit smaller as well.

    Is your DH keen on sports at all? Mulberry had cricket, tennis and rugby keyrings in the sale (though not on the website anymore).
  4. Thanks KLp you have just given me an idea from your sports suggestion - maybe Mulberry isn't the way to go for this, might look at leatherman micra or small maglite (very lightweight so not to damage ignition with weight).

    That's really nice the one you gave DH, oak would be lovely too.

    SHM, you are naughty LOL
  5. I bought my dh an oak crocodile at Bicester and he likes it. Not sure it's "manly" though! :nuts:
  6. A crocodile is cool, I like that LCF, wonder if they did pigs? Now that would work.
  7. i love the fishermans knot one that looks nice and chunky and manly
  8. Was that leather Snowy? And what colours, do you recall?

  9. yes its a newish one thats on the web site
  10. Thanks Snowy I'll go take a look.
  11. Maple, when I bought the crocodile, my husband was very pleased and said it was one of the few Mulberry items that he would have bought for himself. And he is VERY hard to please!
  12. Hi Maple,
    My DH has Valet keyring (not by Mulberry) and finding the attachment function useful. Depends on what else he would put on & how he carry etc though...

    How exciting!! :yahoo:
    (Take care yourself! :flowers:)
  13. I would have suggested the crocodile too - I bought it at Bicester last week and they had several left.
  14. Maple, this is the same keyring I gave DH at Christmas. Not exactly "manly" but it's not too feminine either.