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  1. Are there any mind games that you play with your SO to get your purchases by:graucho: ??? Although my DH is now onto me....mine goes like this:
    I bring home a new purchase....instead of telling him it was cheaper than it actually was, I quadruple the price. As he starts to freak out:mad: ...I tell him that I am just kidding, and bring the price down by about 1/3. By the time we get to the actual price of whatever it is...he is so relieved that it wasn't any of the before mentioned prices...that he lets it slide:biggrin: !
    He heard me telling this tale on a night out cocktailing, so he is wise to my games:idea: , but it was my plan of action for about you ladies....any funny ways to get your purchases in the door???? I am looking for new ideas!!!!
  2. Sometimes I sneak them in and then say I've had them awhile. Other times I buy him something too and he's so busy looking at that he just kind of forgets what I bought. I am always looking for new ideas though, I think I'm going to try yours!!!
  3. sometimes i consolidate bags so it looks like less. i tell him about the stuff i bought then returned so he sees i only keep the stuff i'll really use. i always mention if things were on sale (but don't lie if they weren't). i keep reciepts in a pocket in my wallet, never in the bag. i put things away before he comes home so he won't notice. if it's a big purchase i mention it whenever possible in conversation for a couple of months so when i come home with it it isn't suprising and he can see i've been thinking about it and showing restraint. if all else fails and he's still mad...return it and try again next month. but i've only had to do that twice. :smile:

    he plays mindgames on me too. when i'm shopping i hear his little voice in my head saying you don't need that. that costs HOW much? and other such things. it's very annoying. :smile: that little voice has convinced me to return purchases before i even leave the mall just to shut it up! :smile: so i say we're even.
  4. I am currently hiding a new LV bag, and am too afraid to use it, as he is going to ask me when did you buy, and how much. Pathetic, but I bet it sits in the closet for a while until I can honestly say, "What, this old thing!!!"
  5. Mine does not care because I use my own "mad money" to buy the stuff. He knows I will stop when my CC gets to a certain point. (Not really very high.) As long as I am not driving us into excessive debt and we stay within our savings and other financial goals he's ok with it. Anything really major I always discuss with him and most of the time if things are not dire he'll even offer to help me out with $. I am not a huge clothes hound and he knows when I do buy things I love, I tend to keep them forever, and when I get tired of things, I will sell them on eBay.
  6. I have and spend my own and our finances are separate (we love each other, but it is easier that way, I think it helps us stay in love!) My problem is sort of an odd guilt. I buy a bag and don't worry about it. He doesn't ask how much it costs. No problem (I am responsible). He is responsible too, but you know HE ALWAYS asks me before he spends more than like 50€ on anything! I always give him the, what cha askin' me for? look...and then give him the premission he desires=)

    I'm starting to think I should be asking him, too....
  7. I use my own money too and I still get nagged on... :Push: He just saw my pink Baggy GM and he's not saying a word about it... yet... :P But I usually keep new purchases for a few days before whipping it out the closet and when he sees it or asks abt it, I'll just go: "Oh! I sold my other bags to buy this!" or "I exchanged one of my bags with another lady for this one!"

    But I'm prone to heart attacks when we go for dinner with his relatives since they might ask the all-time fave qns: " Nice bag, how much was it?" :shocked:
  8. My boyfriend knows how much my bags are. But if I want him to buy me something, I usually say "This is such a good deal, it used to be (insert dollar amount here) and now it's half off!" That works most of the time.
  9. Yikes! How much was it? eeeekkkk,
    I hate those "how much" questions when it comes to money....
    I always say "just enough" and smile.
    if it is your hubby, that is one thing...but extended family....hmmmmm....
  10. I know, tell me abt it! I'm sure 99% of the PFers have to go thru the "How much" qns... :Push:
    I usually just smile and say :"Not too expensive". :P
    Most imptly, hubby might kill me if he really found out how much it cost. :roflmfao:
  11. I admit to using the lowball technique to get him in the store. (OMG how perverted that sounds!)

    No shame in my game baby :graucho: (God I love that smilie)
  12. I always say it was on sale...even when it wasn't. I'll also usually buy him something (of course, not as expensive as what I bought...that would dip into my spending money lol) in case he gets upset about it!
    Now I've reverting to just driving him crazy. I'll mention this new purse I want about every 2 about 2 weeks I know he'll cave!
    Also...he does this to me as well.....I went to san Francisco one day to see a musical, and I came home and he had bought a new ATV for over 7K.
    So we're pretty similar!
  13. Ummmm
    I don't tell him the price ;)
  14. Tell him you got the purchase at a consignment store for barely anything.
  15. Ooh-I like the consignment store idea a lot.....