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  1. Do you ladies get mani's? and if so, what do you like to have done? Acrylics, a simple clear coat, anything fancy?

    I usually am a low maintenence, paint my nails at home kind of girl- but I'm a habitial nail chewer so they are always really short and kind of...bleh.

    I got acrylics ( which can be tacky, but I always get my really short) so I couldn't chew on them- lol but I still do. There is something alluring about fake nails, but they're a pain in the neck!

    Just curious what you guys like to have done. :smile:
  2. I bite my nails too...ugh it's so gross and I can't stop.

    I get acrylics for formals, they look great, I like them! But...after I take them off, my nails are in even worse condition.
  3. I was a nail bitter for as long as I can remember... but finally kicked the habit about 2 years ago!!! I still bite from time to time, but I find that having nice nails makes me not want to ruin them. I need to start getting more manis for sure.
  4. No, I dont bite my nails (Thank god !!! ) I like to have a french manicures, I keep my nails relatively short. I also like to have my nails painted a nice flesh colour in the Summers to.
  5. I get manicures but no acrylics for me. I have naturally hard nails. I always get a french manicure, red or something nude.
  6. I LOVE my manicures!!!! My nails are great and I don't do acrylic but I have been known to chew my cuticles - so my manicures keep the chewing to a minimum - I love Essie polish and every week I'm likely to choose a different color but I don't like "french".
  7. I go to the nail salon about once a month and doing my own the rest of the time. I was thinking of getting a overlay again , but i dont know , i change my mind a lot , and its a pain to get the acrylic off
  8. I used to bite, but I started getting manicures once a month, and I've practically kicked the habit completely. I like how nice my nails look. I alternate between manicures and pedicures every two weeks :biggrin:
  9. I get a manicure once a month. I find it keeps me from biting my nails if I spend money to have them done. I used to have acrylics but they really messed my nails up so I stopped.
  10. I get manicures, no acyrilics just a pale shade on my natural nails.

    I'm am addicted to pedicures though!!!!! Have to have them! So relaxing.
  11. I've never had one. I have to keep my nails cut pretty short because I play violin (not brilliantly, just a hobby).
  12. I get a manicure every week. I just look it. I get acrylic and have long nails. Usually, I get French, but sometimes a light color. I get pedicure in the summer. I think it's worth it.
  13. i dont they take to much of my time
  14. i had acrylics done once back in high school and couldn't stand it! i always have short nails and the tips lasted about four days! haha i usually have mine painted black, red or a nude pink
  15. Are pedis worth it?

    I can give myself a damn good one, I work at BBW so I have all the right supplies, I can even do french ones. :smile: ( I mastered the technique with a paint brush! lol) Not because I'm cheap, but because I think I'd feel incredibly awkard having someone clean my feet for me! :-/

    I never know how to make conversation! even when it's just my nails.:shame: