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  1. OK, I feel stupid for asking this but I noticed that most ladies here who wear rings make an effort to get their nails nicely manicured. Do you think a nice ring needs to be accompanied by a proper manicure? I have to keep my nails very very short all the time, and I can't be bothered to go for manicures. Will that ruin the look of an elegant ring?
  2. Manicured nails look great! But in my opinion the nails do not affect the ring that much.
    I always notice the rings first when I look at pictures. :drool:
    As long as the nails look okey they will not ruin the look of an elegant ring.
  3. I think we should all just be our individuals selves . . .
    I wear a nice ring{s} and don't take super good care of my nails. I mean, I trim and file them and keep them clean, but that's about it!
  4. I always feel better when my nails are properly manicured & painted or buffed. It makes me feel more polished & pulled together.

    However, I don't always have the time or patience for routine manicures & I don't have the talent to do them by myself (cuticle scissors are not my friend). At those times, I just try to keep my nails neat (filed), hands moisturized & my cuticles in check (cuticle oil or balm). My nails are never very long as I prefer them short for appearance & utility.
  5. I agree with this completely. I tried to keep my nail manicured for a while, but I have three small children and a home to tend, so they tend to get chipped and looking terrible within a few days. Right now, trimmed, clean and occasionally buffed or polished (usually polish only for a special occasion) is as good as things are going to get!
  6. on others i do not care they should do whatever they are comfortable with it has to match their lifestyle etc
    but on me i prefer manicured laquerd nails because that is just me and it would look odd on me to "stop" at the nails kwim?
  7. The pink and white acrylic or just a regular polish with acrylic has saved my nails, myh nails just do not hold polish well without acrylic, and I can't stand an unmanicured hand
  8. For me personally if my nails were not properly manicured I would feel undone. Like I would if I got all dressed up to go somewhere nice and I did not comb my hair, or put on a pair of shoes that were old and the leather was peeling. That does not mean you have to get a professional manicure, but make sure you remove old polish that is on the tips of your fingers and no matter how long you wear them make sure they are filed and uniform in length. Just basic maintenance.
  9. I think that well-manicured fingernails make rings look a LOT better! I notice rings, but I always notice people's fingernails, whether or not they're wearing rings!
  10. I agree. I have gotten a regular manicure/pedicure for as long as I can remember. I couldn't imagine unpolished fingers or toes.
  11. If I'm taking a picture of my hands, they'll probably look nice.

    I try and keep at least a clear coat of nail polish on, but it's such a hassle sometimes and I'm too cheap to get them done by someone else. I just picked up the Sally Hanson white tipping pen, so I'm rocking French manicure right now.

    I don't make sure my nails are done when I were a nice ring, I make sure they look nice when I wear a nice outfit. If I'm going out in sweats and sneakers, I'm sure people could care less about my nails and whether they look right with my ring.
  12. My nails arent done right now so I will not wear my rings untill I get them done. But I wear tips so they look really bad now. I have rings when My nails look butchered. I have small short fingers and my ring choices are large so I need the nails!!
  13. I prefer natural looking nails, such as a light beige or clear white polish or a natural looking french manicure (Essie makes great natural colors!). I have had an acrylic overlay on my nails for years that looks just like my natural nails and I keep them pretty short. This works great because it holds the polish for several weeks while a manicure only lasts a few days on me. I do feel like my hands overall look better with nice looking nails and the nice looking nails accent my rings. I do think that even some quick clear or beige polish makes nails look a bit nicer and since the colors are so sheer you don't have to be a perfect manicurist!
  14. ITA, hehehhee:roflmfao:.

    This is totally OT but when i go make jewelry purchases, i think i'd be nice for the person to have well-manicured hands...i mean, i'd make the piece of jewelry presented to me look much nicer. But it doesn't have to be such....just something trivial and small.

    I helped one of my friends who owns a jewelry store before and he has the nastiest dried flaky nails/hands.....:nogood: he even commented on them before and wondered if people thought it made the jewelry look bad:roflmfao:
  15. Oh, one more comment, even though you have short nails, i think you could still make your hands look elegant, come over and check out in the Beauty Bar's subforum thread called ' what nail polish are you currently wearing ', there are a lot of nice pictures of girls that have short nails wearing nail polish. :biggrin: