Manicure woes

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  1. For the first time ever, I have a little infection under one of my gel nails. I've managed to treat it thankfully, but now I'm a bit worried.

    I get clear gels on my nails so I can paint them whatever colour I like, every 3 weeks. This is the third time I have had the gels done after having a break for about a year.

    Previously had gels for years and never had a problem.

    I am now wondering about the hygiene standards in my salon. They share files which it seems is a no no.

    Any tips to prevent this happening? Should I mention it to the salon?
  2. They absolutely should not share files. That is likely where you got the infection.
    All implements should be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Many places use new ones for each client. You can also bring your own. I would not even go back to that salon. I would go somewhere else and either make sure they use new ones or clean and sanitized ones.
  3. Not knowing what your life is like, it's hard to say where you got the infection - could be anything from gardening, swimming, nail biting, etc. But this infection has made you realize that your salon cuts some corners on hygiene and sanitation. You can see this particular hygiene lapse, what about the ones you can't see? You should definitely think twice about going back to that salon.
  4. I don't garden, swim or bite my nails and I keep my hands clean. I still could have picked it up myself of course but I never realised that they should use a new file for each person. I might go somewhere else.
  5. I'd find another salon or bring my own file..since you don't know exactly the source
    of where it might have come from, I'd be observant at all salons in your area
    for cleanliness & hygeine issues even from the manicurist .
  6. It is super important to be aware of the sanitary and hygienic situation anywhere you let people interfere with your body. Stop going to the same salon and do careful research looking for a new one! Once you find it, I'd suggest just going there;)
  7. I don't know where you're located but here in the US a lot of states require new files, pumice stones, sponges, etc for each client. I know they do where I live. Not only is it hygienically wrong not to use new one but they may be in violation of a health code for not doing so. You might look into that.
  8. I wil do, it's a UK salon. I think there are recommendations but no actual law here.
  9. Oh I see. I'm sorry about the infection :tdown: I hope it heals up soon! Good luck!
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