Manhatten GM Opinions

  1. So I ordered the Manhatten GM from the internet after seeing it on Jessica Simpson and when I got it I realized that it is really quite large.

    Do you guys think it would look silly to carry a bag this large like a purse?

    I'm debating exchanging it for the PM but I really do like the style....just wondering if you think it'll look silly as a purse.
  2. IMO exchange it... I heard It can get heavy by the end of the day..Switch to the pm;)
  3. I like the GM on me (I am 5'8") but if you feel that it's too big for you, exchange it!
  4. What do you plan to carry in it? If not a lot of stuff, then I think you should go for the PM, it's really cute in real life! Also, if you're petite, a GM might overwhelm your body.
  5. Funny you should mention this thread. I just got my Manhattan GM today. Im 5 9" and its HUGE, but I like big bags. Its very squishy, so that helps. I wont bother with the buckle because i can open the sides wide enough to access. I'll post a pic later. I had the PM and it didnt do anything for me. It wasn't that exciting.
  6. LOVE these pics of Uma with her GM:
    sdcu39.jpg sdcuvc.jpg
  7. Here is more of Selma and Cameron (remember that they are all tall girls, so PM would have looked rediculously small on them)! IMO, GM is FABULOUS (I know a lot of people don't like the strap but I think it adds character to the bag)!!!:love:
    selma blair.jpg cameron diaz.jpg
  8. OOh, love Uma! Thanks for the pic. It is a tad taller than the Le Fab, but its more flexible. It definitely can go on the shoulder if need be, but not really meant for shoulder. Here is a pic of it in comparison to other bags such as le fab. (wow look at the difference of new leather and dark patina on papillon which was my first!)
  9. I looooooove this bag.

    I can't wait to get mine! :graucho:
  10. I wanted something in classic monogram, but I wanted something kinda fabulous! I like this for those days you want to carry a big ol' bag!
  11. Keep it !I love it so much I purchased two and I rarely do that with any bag :smile: .I gave one to my step-daughter she's only 5'4" but wears it well.
  12. I came close to purchasing this purse, but after trying it on in the store, decided it was a little larger than I needed and seemed like it might be too heavy. If you carry a lot of stuff and don't mind the weight, I'd keep it. It's attractive and definitely not an LV that you see a lot of people carrying.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replies!!

    I think maybe I just have to get used to the larger size. I do love the bag and think the strap adds so much to it....OR....maybe I'll just have to buy the PM too!!

    I'm terrible.

    Thanks again!! :P

    Also....if anyone has anymore pics of people/celebs carrying the GM I would love to see them!!
  14. YES, keep the celeb pics coming!
  15. It's pretty massive, I guess it just depends on your own comfort level. At 5'0, I could never carry a bag like this !