Manhatten GM ....How heavy is she?? :))

  1. Hi :smile:

    I've had the pm before....I'm now told that the gm weighs a lot more...Is that so??

    I would be SO glad if Manhatten GM owners would weigh there bag for me....Please!! :graucho:

  2. yes, it's heavier than the PM, but not by a lot. mine doesn't even register on my bathroom scale, so it can't be more than 1lb
  3. ^^^ yeuxhonnetes, your bags look so great on you! Which Manhattan do you wear more, the PM or GM? tx
  4. one pound isnt that bad....
  5. I think its a BEAUTIFUL bag but I sold mine because I found it too heavy!
  6. thank you :love::shame:! i haven't been carrying either one much lately, but because i got my PM in February and the GM only in November, my PM got more use. i'll probably use the GM for work in the future, if/when i get a job
  7. It is a beautiful bag but it is a bit heavy. I just try not to fill it up with too much stuff and not to take it on long trips.

    Its really not bad at all. Just not lightweight.
  8. I weighed mine empty and she weighs 1.5 kg! I still love her though...
  9. Thanks a lot girls have been very helpfull ....Thanks!!
  10. Yes, it's heavier than the PM, but not TOO bad. I like heavier bags, so I don't mind (and people call me weak cuz I can't open doors lol). If you're also thinking of carrying it on the shoulder to lighten up the load, well you can try, but I don't find that it sits well on the shoulder cuz it keeps on sliding off. Try going to the store and stuff some of your belongings in there to see how you like it! :biggrin:
  11. yes it is heavier than say, the Alma.
    BUT the ManhattanGM is Gorgeous (well so is the Alma) and is a traffic stopper whenever I carry it out.
    I carry usually just a few items in it: wallet, glasses, sunglasses case, and another wallet/card holder, some papers. I really think of these LV's as travel bags, so if I need to stuff more into the GM I do.

    Good luck and have fun with your decision and shopping.
  12. I love the GM, but when you add your things into the bag, it just becomes a little bit too heavy for me :wtf: , but very pretty bag!