manhattans vs. hudsons

  1. I am interested in getting either a manhattan pm, the gm or the hudson pm. They are all really beautiful! The only thing that bugs me is that the manhattan gm and the hudson have buckles that are a pain, while the manhattan pm has the more practical zip closure. What do you guys think?
  2. that was another reason i got the Manhattan PM. the GM was too big, and i didn't want to be diddling the strap just to get in and out of the bag. but i think there's a way of folding it back so that it stays out of the way, which is what i'll do if i get the GM :graucho:
  3. can you get the hudson too??!! then i can pick and choose from your pictures when you model them! LOL
  4. i personally like the manhattan pm. i think the size is cuter and more versital. :smile: plus, like you said, no buckles.
  5. :lol::lol: i wish! but something about the strap kind of bothers me. i'll have to see it in real life when i go to Toronto though :rolleyes:
  6. Manhattan pm is cute but I also think the manhattan gm is a perfect size for work/school! Will fit all textbooks and papers provided my back survives. I'm just not sure if I need another shoulder bag that doesn't fit books. I'll give it a few more days...

    yeux, when are you going to toronto? are you going with your mother again?!
  7. I like the PM the best. It's the perfect size... not too small and not too big but just right!
  8. i'm not sure when i'm going. probably some weekend in july. and i'll be going with my friends. i won't be seeing my mom for at least another year :lol:!
  9. hudson1.jpg nat.jpg
  10. i love the manhattan gm... its my dream lv piece!!! i just love the shape and style!!! 0o0o0o LV rocks!!!
  11. I don't undo the buckle of my gm very often. You can get in and out of the sides with the zipper undone. I think the gm is the most striking of the 3.
  12. i have the manhattan gm und love it. i'm a big bag lady so it's perfect for me...
  13. I have both the Manhattan PM and the Hudson PM bags. I love the manhattan pm for when I want a hand held bag, but sometimes I need a shoulder bag and the hudson is perfect. It's the perfect size and the buckle you get used to pretty quick, I've only played with it a couple times and I can already do it with one hand too now. Both bags are stunning!! Good luck with your choice!
  14. I prefer the manhattan PM, but they're all stunning bags so you'll be looking fab with any of them !
  15. I tuck my strap behind the buckle so I don't have to keep buckling and unbuckling. You can also just pull the strap out a bit from behind the buckle (not all the way) to unzip the bag.