Manhattan Social Gathering for Purse Fanatics - - I Mean Enthusiasts?

  1. From time to time, I've seen posts suggesting that Manhattan-local TPF members might want to meet for a drink or other social gathering. If you are interested in doing that, please post or PM your contact info, and we can see if we can get something organized (depending on the number of people interested). Also, if you have a place to recommend for such a gathering, post here.
  2. So far, have heard from 2 people (including one friend of mine whom I met through TPF). Anyone else interested?
  3. Next time I am scheduled to be in The City, I'll email. I'd love to meet my purse sister and other NY tpf members
  4. Fabulous!
  5. Count me in! :smile:

    It seems to be difficult to gather people to meet on a specific day/time in NYC. A couple of meets have been scheduled, people sign up and then cancel (refer to General discussion forum under TPF meets and MJacobs forum under Attn NYC TPFers.)

    Do other large cities have this problem? The meet in Minneapolis in April was fun and I think there were over 10 people from TPF at the meet. It may be time for another meeting...!
  6. Count me in too!