Manhattan Sling Bag - Anna Corrina

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  1. [​IMG]



    This bag is sooo sweet .......this is goin to be my valentine gift to self maybe

    its only $345
  2. Here's the Ferragamo version:


    Of course, about 3x the price at $1150.
  3. Love the bag! Where is it available and what colors does it come in?
  4. wow its gorgeous! definetly caught my attention. is it just me or does it look like a totally stylish bag for classes and lectures as well?
  5. I think I like the Ferragamo version. The other one is a little too much bag for me.
  6. Have you seen this in person? The reason I ask is I ordered and promptly returned an Anna Corinna drawstring in tobacco...IMO, the quality was just not there. IT didn't even come with a dustbag, and I ordered it directly from Foley + Corinna in NYC.

    I'm curious if anyone else here agrees or disagrees?
  7. Totally agree about the lack of quality for the Anna Corinna bag. I ordered a different style directly from Foley & Corinna last fall after reading about it and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the leather. I too returned it promptly!!!!
  8. interesting. honestly they were creative w/the shape.

  9. Went shopping with a friend at both Saks and Neimans today and this bag is gorgeous. We were drooling, particularly over the cream one. It seemed a bit large though and neither of us is petite!!!
  10. Now that's a big bag! I like it though!
  11. I just purchased this bag. I can't wait for it to arrive!
  12. Do you mind me asking the retail on this cutey?
  13. I got it for $199.00!!!! I've wanted it since I saw it last spring. When I saw the sale price I had to bite. I adore my Balenciaga bags. But i'm working with inner city children and families. I needed a chic, yet casual bag for those days too. I'm really excited.
  14. More photos!
  15. wow heavensent and beauxgoris. Both yr respective bags are lovely and huge. Am sure leather must be soft n supple as well and the bags must be a pleasure to carry Congrats once again