Manhattan Sling Bag - Anna Corrina


Sep 20, 2005



This bag is sooo sweet .......this is goin to be my valentine gift to self maybe

its only $345
wow its gorgeous! definetly caught my attention. is it just me or does it look like a totally stylish bag for classes and lectures as well?
heavensent said:
This bag is sooo sweet .......this is goin to be my valentine gift to self maybe

its only $345

Have you seen this in person? The reason I ask is I ordered and promptly returned an Anna Corinna drawstring in tobacco...IMO, the quality was just not there. IT didn't even come with a dustbag, and I ordered it directly from Foley + Corinna in NYC.

I'm curious if anyone else here agrees or disagrees?
Totally agree about the lack of quality for the Anna Corinna bag. I ordered a different style directly from Foley & Corinna last fall after reading about it and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the leather. I too returned it promptly!!!!
SuLi said:
Here's the Ferragamo version:


Of course, about 3x the price at $1150.

Went shopping with a friend at both Saks and Neimans today and this bag is gorgeous. We were drooling, particularly over the cream one. It seemed a bit large though and neither of us is petite!!!
I got it for $199.00!!!! I've wanted it since I saw it last spring. When I saw the sale price I had to bite. I adore my Balenciaga bags. But i'm working with inner city children and families. I needed a chic, yet casual bag for those days too. I'm really excited.
wow heavensent and beauxgoris. Both yr respective bags are lovely and huge. Am sure leather must be soft n supple as well and the bags must be a pleasure to carry Congrats once again