Manhattan Portage...

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  1. Might not be "high fashion", but I love 'em anyway!

    Just ordered this one to mark my return to university...
    I got it in navy b.c I felt like all black was sliiiightly too corporate for where I am right now....
    Can't wait for "him" (it's definitely a bag of the male gender) to arrive! :yes:
  2. I used to have a messenger a few years ago (when I was more of a punk hipster) that I decorated with buttons and patches. The bags are sturdy and functional, especially if you ride a bike.
  3. my DH has a manhattan portage laptop bag & he LOOOOVES it. he was as excited when it arrived as i am when i get a new handbag! LOL :smile: he was showing me all of its features, cool things about it, etc. they're great bags.