Manhattan PM

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  1. what do you guys think of this bag? Is it a decent size and does it hold a lot? Anyone know the measurements?
  2. I usually can carry around a reading book, wallet, and my keys. I wouldn't say it's huge, but it holds enough for me. I really like this bag.
  3. That's a pretty good size then. I love the style of it but can't tell how much it fits. Less than a speedy? Is it about the same size inside as a medium looping maybe?
  4. I've never touched the medium looping bag, but the Manhattan PM definitely will hold less than the Speedy 25. The Manhattan is a lot thinner and doesn't go as deep. I would still go for it though. I really love my Manhattan. You should definitely go see it in the store. It's a beautiful bag.
  5. I saw it in my LV last week and thought it would have been bigger after seeing it on the LV web site. Saying that, I would definately put it on my top ten list of 'wants'. Very cute.
  6. Run, don't walk to get this bag. Can I tell you how much I :love: this bag!?!? I love everything about it! It holds a decent amount of stuff for me but I don't carry around my whole life in it either but it holds its fair share. It's comfortable to wear and not that heavy. The upside is that since it has a canvas bottom, you can set it down and not have to worry about getting it dirty too! That's one think I don't like about the Cabas Piano (vachetta bottom). Anyway, I'd say go for it, you won't regret it!

    PS - I got the last one when I bought mine....guess they sell out quickly but I haven't seen too many being carried which is a good thing.
  7. I :love: :love: :love: my p.m. And I really like the fact that, like jasanna143 said, it's not that common. It's roomy without being oversized, and it's structured without being too rigid. Love the pockets :smile: too.

    But keep in mind it's strictly a handheld bag (unless you are tiny) and it's a thinner bag. Are you okay with big (semi flashy) hardware? I think that's another thing that keeps some away from this bag.

    One tip, some of the SAs I spoke with tried to convince me that the Manhattan bags are only made in the US. NOT TRUE. If you care about it being a French-made bag (just my personal preference), try calling the LV boutiques and dept. stores in Vegas if you can't find it in your area.

    FYI (from the LV site): 11" x 8.3" x 5.5" for the Manhattan PM