Manhattan PM

  1. Ok LV Lovers......My heart was set on a Popincourt Haute, but then the Manhattan PM started to grow on me and it looks sooo yummy!! I was wondering if the Manhattan PM could be used as a shoulder bag? Are the handles long enough for fit over your arm? If someone can post a pic with it on I'd really appreciate it! :flowers:
  2. unless you have a super skinny arm. i hate to stretch it out. i don't even try on my manhattan GM
  3. No, the handles do not comfortably fit over your shoulder. They are perfect to carry on your arm, but would be very very tight over the shoulder. I have the PM and the bag goes right up your armpit if you do that.
  4. ok....thanks ladies!
  5. Here you go..

    It is definitely NOT a shoulder bag.
  6. Luccibag, how tall are you? The PM looks so small on you. :shocked: Oh, how I wish you can spear me some of your inches... :angel: Btw, I love the casual outfits with the bag. :love:
  7. LucciBag ~ You Are So Adorable!!! Every Picture Is So Pretty!!! :smile:
  8. LucciBag - you Manhattan looks great!!!

    thu_nuts - if you want a shoulder bag... totally go for the PHaut! good luck with what you decide!
  9. You look great with your bag, cute outfit too!
  10. Looks lovely Luccibag !
  11. I have the Manhattan GM and it fits on my shoulder no problem!! Have never tried to PM though.
  12. Luccibag darn you!! Now I want that bag too, looks fantastic!!! Thanks for the pics, they help so much.
  13. Hi. I am 5'9" and I ended up getting a Manhattan GM because I felt the PM was a tad small too!:rolleyes:
  14. If you like the style of the Manhattan but need a shoulderbag, why not take a look at the Hudson- the GM model is below and goes for $1,500.
  15. I think the hudson is gorgeous!! However, where is the buckle on it??? I thought the Hudson had a buckle???