Manhattan PM

  1. Ordered from elux and shipped via a friend acting as a middleman...(or middleshipper He he) sucks for us canadians to go thru all this trouble....but its worth it!:wlae:

    oE91.jpg oE41.jpg oE71.jpg oE81.jpg
  2. OMG!!!!!! I LOVE this bag-ahh! Great choice do you love it? It is so HOT! I want this bag too-Congrats! :yahoo:
  3. The Manhattan PM is definately one of my favorite monogram bags! Congrats!! :smile:
  4. Congrats! Great bag!! I've had mine for over 2 years now but unfortunately last week part of the hardware on the flap pocket broke so its in France getting fixed.
  5. so gorgeous, congrats!
  6. She looks great!!! Congrats on the new bag. :smile:
  7. I want a Manhattan too.

    She is so gorgeous. :girlsigh:

    Congrats on the new LV beauty!
  8. Beautiful handbag!! Be prepared for it to get noticed! (I could swear I get better service when I'm shopping carrying mine - buying perfume last week, I was given some Guerlain samples.) :smile:
  9. Love it! Congrats!
  10. i've been thinking about doing the same... it sucks that our price hasnt dropped with the dollar going up.

    btw great bag.. congrat's.
  11. Congrats!! Manhattan PM rocks! enjoy her.
  12. Ooohh! I just got my Manhattan PM recently too! It's a complement-getting-head-turning-stare-inducing bag! You will love it-- I LOVE mine! Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  13. love mine to pieces! congrats!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Such a beautiful bag...definitely one on my wishlist!