manhattan pm with patina?

  1. the manhattan pm is going to be my next LV purchase (probably not too soon). i have been wondering how it would look like WITH patina.

    does anyone here have a picture of the manhattan pm with patina? so far, i've only seen it without.

    i guess i'm just worried that i might not like it once it patinas... what do you guys think?
  2. ah so you finally decided on the Manhattan PM :lol:!

    mine has already started to patina a little, so if you're interested... :graucho:
  3. i think manhattam pm is my long term goal. :P

    to all of you with manhattan pm, does the bag look good with patina?
  4. i think little patina on the manhattans look good [​IMG]

    but i dont like hte manhattan with DARK patina
  5. thanks sophia. that's what i'm worried about. so far, all the pics that i've seen of manhattan pm has very little or no patina at all.

    if i'm not going to like it when it patinas, then i probably shouldn't get it... though i really like the shape of it.:crybaby:
  6. xLAUx posted this on CELEB page in the past --- i saw this and thought it was very beautiful with dark patina like nice sun tan!!:nuts: :love:

    manhattan PM was on my 'want' list for the longest time....and this picture actually DID for me! so...thank you xLAUx!!:flowers:

    i took my brand new manhattan for a spin for the first time today!:tender: :heart:
  7. The Manhattan Is A Gorgeous Bag!!! I Like Some Patina On It ~ I Think It Looks Nice!!! :smile:
  8. IMO, all mono bags look so much better when they develop patina!:love:
  9. You make me happy Sophia!:love::heart:
    i too think Manhattan is gorgeous with patina!

    here's another photo of the same girl with her manhattan


  10. Oooooooo THANK YOU :flowers: :heart: for another great pic!! .... and YOU make ME happy xLAUx:love: :heart: hehe

    this is bag is so GORGEOUS!
    lv_home uma.jpg v_hp_bees.jpg uma.jpg DSC03387.JPG DSC03384.JPG

  11. Sophia..You are back...welcome back!!! any new goodies ????