Manhattan PM Vs GM

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Pm or Gm

  1. PM

  2. GM

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  1. idk if this has been posted i did a search and didnt see anything, i have a weak spot for this bag i def think of buying it:heart:3 but im not sure which size is better? which one is easier to deal with? what does everyone think???
    thanks for all the help
  2. I just bought the PM - and I looove it! Its perfect for me since I´m petite and it fits everything I need on a regular basis. I think I would drown with the GM:P

    But whats your specific needs? Is it an every day bag or do you need it for work to carry documents and laptop? Do you like your bags big or small?
  3. most of my bags r pretty small thats why when i start to buy some lv's i want them to be bigger so def bigger and it would help when you have those days when you need a ton of stuff
  4. i like both, but the GM has the annoying buckle that makes it really hard to get in and out of, so i voted PM.
  5. I think the GM is beautiful... if you can afford the GM, get it! The PM is too small and they are quite popular amongst the crowd. You rarely see a GM anywhere. I have one and I love it... and the strap isn't annoying at all IMO! You can totally adapt to it.
  6. It truly depends on what you need it for. The GM to me looks like a tote in the sense that you can carry your life around with you, the PM looks a little more ladylike.
  7. I have the PM and it's pretty heavy ... I passed on the GM since it was heavier and that buckle would've annoyed me too. I also already had the MJ's Venetia at the time ... so I didn't see any reason having 2 of the same style.
  8. I have the GM and it is a stunning bag but it is a bit heavy.
  9. Pm, imo it isn't small. Gm is huge.
  10. I am completely in love with my GM. However i do know most think the thing is much much too heavy ad some find the buckle annoying.
    I say again, i Love my Manhattan GM.

    Go to the store , try them both on and think about how you'd use it.

    Both are equally stunning, and head-turners ! Enjoy!

    PS: i never find my GM to be too heavy cause I hardly put anything in there. (wallet, glasses, sunglasses case, some small items)
  11. The only time I find my Manhattan GM heavy is when I go shopping and have other bags in my hand. lol :roflmfao:
  12. pm!! way cuter gm i think is to big?
  14. Yeah. I suggest you go to the boutique and try both on. Both are awesome and, as someone said above are "head turners." I won't say what the the pro's and con's are as different people have different preferences. Try both on and see which one "makes your heart sing." KWIM. Good luck!
  15. I have the PM and I love it! It's not small and weighs a good amount on its own.