MANHATTAN PM vs BEVERLY MM - help me decide!

  1. Next week I'll go at the store to choose 2 bags for the voucher of my exchanged Lockit Suhali Verone. I don't like an other Suhali bag, because I haven't any confidence in it at the moment. Maybe it will come back in September, when I pass a few weeks in Paris and I buy something at the ChampsElysees.:shrugs:
    For one bag I have made my choice: Alma Epi red (I think so!:confused1:). I'm a fan of the Alma, I own a black one and one in Damier.
    I'm thinking about to take the Manhattan PM or the Beverly MM too. The Manhattan has a little bit too much of "golden" hardware for me, but I like the shape and I like handheld. The Beverly has the vacchetta corners, which I don't like so much (dirty!?). :confused1:
    What are your experiences with these two bags? Pros and Cons, please! Thank you so much! :heart:
  2. Manhattan!
  3. Pros of Manhattan PM:
    Beautiful design, holds a lot, zipper top, handheld or in crook of arm. I'm small so I can even use it as a shoulder bag.
    No vachetta on bottom.

    Hardware heavy, bag is a bit heavy even when empty

    Beverly MM Pros:
    Streamlined shape, shoulder bag (yay!!), lightweight

    Flap top with clip, clip can get scratched easily, vachetta bottom

    Hope this helps.

    IMHO, I would ask myself if I liked shoulder bags or handheld bags more...that should help tremendously with the decision process.
  4. Sonic Peaches, thank you! I like both, handheld and shoulder bags. But at the moment I like the handheld better...
  5. Since you are getting the red Alma Epi. I would go for a shoulder bag for the other to have a difference
  6. I would pick the Beverly - that's growing on me. The Manhattan PM is actually quite small inside (smaller than my Damier Alma) in terms of what it can carry. You already have some beautiful hand-helds so I would go for a shoulder bag. The Beverly is growing on me a lot. I don't think it would get that dirty - there's not that much vachetta on it. I like it better than the Manhattan - I don't care as much for the double pockets and brass, plus it's very heavy. I used to love it, until I tried it, and then returned it because it was so small inside to be so heavy.

  7. Beverly MM.
  8. manhattan gm... [sorry] i know it's not an option -- but i :heart: it
  9. If you like better handheld bags I suggest you to get the Manhattan! I really love it, much more than the's a very hot bag!! :supacool:
  10. That's interesting, that the Manhattan isn't roomy, but heavy - thank you. Me too, I don't like too much of brass, that's why I have some doubts of the Manhattan. I like a little understated bags, discreet and elegant.
    And the Alma i looove too!!!:heart:
  11. No problem! If you are craving the handheld, go with the Manhattan PM. With the Beverly the strap is long so it looks odd if you try to carry it in your hand or in the crook of your arm. If you can, try them out IRL to see what really grows on you! :tup:Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!
  12. I have problems with my shoulders, so I can't wear heavy bags. Thank you.
  13. Alma is a very beautiful should def go for it...
    As for the other one IMO manhattan is the best...I don't really like beverly..
    but that's just me...manhattan is an example of class...
  14. The Manhattan - pros : I´m getting it:p I love a hand held bag and whats not to love about a LV bag designed by Marc J!

    I´m not so sure about the Beverly. Its nice but not something I would have wanted. But if you like both their design then consider their functinality for you. If you like something thats easier to carry on the shoulder as well, then pick the Beverly. If you want a small and practical hand held, pick the Manhattan.

    choices choices... ;)
  15. If weight is an issue to you, Beverly MM is a lot lighter than Manhattan!

    I think Beverly MM gets my vote!