1. here's my Manhattan PM..after having her for about a month i am totally in love with this bag! so great to use when I don't carry much cuz she keeps her shape well. i can carry her over my shoulder too if I need, and I can wear her to dressy-occasions. I wore her with my silk bebe halter dress to my bf's grandma's birthday..and I wore her to a wedding (see pic).

    so..without further adieu, here are the pics...(I know a couple of gals have been waiting for them :p)
    DSC03997.JPG DSC03998.JPG DSC03999.JPG DSC04001.JPG
  2. love it, congrats.
  3. I really like it! It looks great on you!!
  4. yay its so cute! congrats! :smile:
  5. gosh, you gals are fast! thanks :smile:
  6. pretty bag!
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. Yay, finally! It looks really great. I am glad to see it fits over the shoulder. If they ever make that bag in Damier, I will be unable to resist! I think the PM is so cute, whereas the GM is a bit too big for my taste.
  9. CONGRATS! Finally you got her! It looks great on ya!
  10. looks perfect for you! congratulations!
  11. wa... nice bag
  12. omg, my dream it!
  13. Congrats! Looks great on you!
  14. Looks fab!
  15. Looks great.