Manhattan PM owners.....

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  1. Just curious:confused1:
    what do you guys put in the outer pockets? does a cell phone fit? if you wanted to....could it fit on your shoulder (just incase you need your hands free)???
  2. Yes, my cell phone fits in the outer pocket and I would assume most other models will. I put my name badge in the other one. I can put it over my shoulder and often do. It's a snug fit but works.
  3. would you happen to have pics of it on your shoulder:shame: ???
  4. i put my lip gloss and eyeliner in one pocket, and my phone in the other. my Manhattan PM fits on my shoulder too :yes:
  5. When I put my phone in the pocket I couldn't hear it ring at all. I didn't get the bag because I thought it was too big.I am now kicking myself, because it's gorgeous.
  6. I don't use the front pockets.
  7. me too :wlae:
  8. i use one for my cell (razr) and dig cam on the other!:smile: and yes, it fits on my shoulder! but when i over stuff the bag, it feels too bulky on my shoulder though.

    it's such a beautiful bag!! i love it! :love: :heart:
  9. I do have one but it doesn't feel comfortable as a shoulder bag.It's really a handheld bag. and I really don't use the front pockets. It's a beautiful bag.There was a time i really wanna exchange it for another bag,:yes: I'm glad with PFers help and opinions,i didn't let it go.I do think it's one of the most beautiful bag in mono.can look glamourous and can look casual depending on what I'm wearing.:love:
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