manhattan pm owners

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  1. i work at a tattoo shop and we deal with a lot of girls who come in and think they are "all that". so these 3 girls come in, wearing ugs in this 90 degree weather. one is carrying what looks to be a fake LV manhattan pm. does the bag have metal feet? that is the tell tale sign of a fake LV, or so i've heard.
  2. if i remember correctly PM doesnt have feet. i dun think GM has it too.
  3. hi!
    my bag does not have feet.
  4. noooooooooooo feeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! lol:roflmfao:
  5. hah i knew it was a fake. :yahoo:
  6. haha- good job!
  7. The Manhattan PM does not have feet. However, some authentic LVs DO have feet (my denim baggy PM, for example). It just depends on the style.