Manhattan PM owners.....USA or Europe??


What country is your bag from?? What country did you buy it??

  1. Manhattan made in USA

  2. Manhattan made in Europe

  3. Bought bag in USA

  4. Bought bag in another country

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  1. So before I bought my Manhattan, I was checking them out on eBay to see more pics of the inside, etc to make sure I was really wanting it before buying. Well I noticed that alot of them said Made in France on them. Well the two I got from my boutique (1st was a defect) said Made is USA (I live in USA) and so did both the displays they showed me (2 diff boutiques). So I'm curious Manhattan PM owners.........was yours made in USA or somewhere else?? And what country did you buy it in??
  2. I bought mine in Germany and it's made in France.
  3. Bought mine in Canada, and it's made in FRANCE :biggrin:
  4. I bought mine the U.S. last year, it was made in France.
  5. SA told me you couldn't find a made in france one in a us boutique unless it was a return from someone on vacation or something. Damn that would have been cool to get one.
  6. oh and what kind of dustbag did you all get w/your manhattan's?? I got the fold over envelope kind but I soo want the drawstring one instead.
  7. yup me too envelope, but I have 2 spare drawstring bags so I use that instead at home :biggrin:
  8. also bought in canada, made in france
  9. I bought my Manhattan PM in New York 2 weeks ago and it was made in France.
  10. Fold over dust bag.
  11. Mine was bought in the USA and made in the USA.
  12. i bought mine on eLux and made in the USA!
  13. bought in Malaysia and made in France :smile:
  14. Yea, mine is made in USA... and the SA at South Coast Plaza said you can't get made in France ones here...
  15. Mine,Bought in Rome, Made in France.
    Ladies I have questions some said the vachetta in manhattan patinas faster than any other style of bag?(do i make sense?:wondering :confused1: I compared it with my MC trouville bought in june while the manhattan was aug 2006 but the vachetta of trouville is still lighter which i use more often.) and did some of you experienced having a new bag but has already uneven vachetta color(the handles are much lighter than the other leather of the bag.)