Manhattan PM Owners, does it get heavy??

  1. Manhattan PM Owners, does it get heavy??

    I have Manhattan PM that I purchased from eluxury last summmer ans STILL have not used her!! I know...its horrible...she still has the plastic on the handles...I am debating whether or not to keep the bag or sell it on eBay. I would love some opinions on to wether it gets heavy, I have also heard that it makes a little noise when its carried....
  2. I used to put a lot of stuff in my PM and it never felt too heavy. It's not a super light bag but yet its not heavy by any means. I love this bag! You should definitely wear it. Its classy looking and perfect for work. I dont wear mine anymore since i got my riveting bag so i've passed it on to my mom and she loves it.

    Take it out of your closet and put it to use!

    Oh and it only makes noise it the front pockets are empty. I always had tissue stuffed in there so it would hold its shape.
  3. It doesnt get too heavy ..!! I think is the perfect bag.. u kind of can put it up your shoulder if u have a tshirt on.. !! I love it love it love it!!
  4. Shopalicious- OT-- is that a pom in ur purse? I have a Pom and I love him to death!
  5. I carry a lot of stuff when I use it mine and it never is heavy. Sometimes I get tired of carrying it in my hand and will stick it on my shoulder, but then I will get tired of that. Usually this is when I'm shopping a lot and have multiple bags that I am carrying. Not a bad thin b/c then I decide to go home and stop spending too much $$$$$$$.:p
  6. chanel-girl, I have this bag and it doesn't get heavy at all....and I'm usually a shoulder-bag girl. I load it up and never a problem, it holds alot! I do hear the little noise the buckles make when carrying it though, I think I will try TxGlam's suggestion and stuff the pockets.