Manhattan PM owners, does it get heavy to carry?

  1. Manhattan PM owners, does it get heavy to carry? TIA!
  2. my girlfriend has it and loves it. we shopped in the city for over 4 hours last week and she was fine with it. Depends how much stuff you need to carry. I have the MC speedy and its much heavier then her manhattan.
  3. It all depends on much you carry in your bag. At a minimum, I carry the following in my hand bags: wallet, cell phone, car/house keys, and small cosmetic case. However, I've learned that for me, using a hand carry only type of bag when you're going shopping just doesn't work. For work and running short errands, the weight of the Manhattan PM is not an issue for me though.
  4. if you carry a lot it can get pretty heavy, but if you just carry small stuff it'd be ok.
  5. no
  6. I was just going to say that my MC Speedy is really heavy, so I don't use it much (which I feel totally guilty about, but that is a different story). The Manhattan looks heavy to me, but I would go to the store and try it on if you are interested in it. It is a gogeous bag!
  7. mine does, i have too much stuff in it!!!! lol
    my chiropractor told me that i should't carry that heavy load with me all the time!!!! LOL

    i often still carry my daughter (weighs 24-25 LB) on my no heavy bags bother me at all!!!!!! hehehe