Manhattan PM or ??

  1. My boyfriend got me the Manhattan PM as a gift. I have wanted the Manhattan PM since I laid eyes on it.

    BUT now for some reasons I'm having second thoughts... I'm thinking to exchange it for the Alma (epi or mono) and add an extra few hundred and also get the Popincourt... or maybe something else... SO confused!!!
    IMG00038.JPG IMG00040.JPG IMG00041.JPG
  2. id say keep it it's gorgeous and clasy...
  3. Thanks... I do think it's a fabulous bag... I think the main reason I'm having second thoughts is because my Speedy 25... which is kind of like my every day bag is pretty old and I kind of want to replace it... and I don't think I'd use the Manhattan PM everyday... it's pretty heavy and nor would I want to... sorry I just need to make up my mind before it's too late!!
  4. I understand, the alma is kind of similar to the speedy so...
    how bout and audra?
    or an epi passy
    and since you are willing to put a few $ more how bout a L'Aimable?
  5. I like latinmalemodel choice: LV MC White Audra but if I was you, I'll stay with Manhattan PM ;)
  6. I think the Audra or Passy GM would look gorgeous! But I think if you want a Manhattan, I'd much prefer the GM size! ;p
  7. ITA:yes:
  8. I would stick to your boyfriend's choice, the Manhattan PM is gorgeous.
  9. oh so sad to hear you want to let go of manhattan..A lot desires that bag.I love mine so much..You can dress up and down with that bag.Very classy.It's one of the most beautiful mono bags.Look so modern yet classic.
  10. Keep it it's fab. You can save for a damier speedy 25 or mono 30 for a more evryday look
  11. great gift, I hope you decide to keep it.
  12. What a wonderful gift - I would keep if for two reasons. First, a very generous gift - the sentimental nature - would rather remember that my SO bought me such a gorgeous gift that I had been wanting - would make me sentimental every time I used it.

    Second - It is an absolutely gorgeous bag!

    I agree - you can always get a speedy or something later. I love the Manhattan PM!
  13. What a sweet boyfriend! I got the Manhattan PM two weeks ago and absolutely love it! You should definitely keep it, it is such a great bag.
  14. my bf got me manhattan pm as a xmas give 2 years ago.. n i will say it is such a great bag.. my mil saw mine n decided to get the gm..
  15. that was sweet of your bf! if you don't think you'd be using it as much as you would like to, i suggest you buy something that you would use and love as much!