Manhattan PM or Trouville?

  1. Hello!

    Need some help here. I like both the Manhattan PM and the Trouville so I went to the store to look at the bags in person. I was surprised at how small the Manhattan really is! I expected it to be bigger :shame:... it looked so much bigger on Uma Thurman! *hehe* Tried the GM on and it's too heavy for me!

    The price difference is also astonishing. :unsure: The SA was saying that for everyday use, the trouville is better (washable canvas interior).

    Should I get the Trouville instead of the Manhattan? Such a dilemma!! ;)
  2. I like the look of the Trouville but I find the handles are very small (smaller than speedy) - took it back because of that.
  3. i'm a totally fan of the Manhatthan!!! i say go for the PM - but geez, the GM is totally YUM!!!
  4. I Love The Trouville...But, It Sounds Like You Have Had Your Heart Set On The Manhattan
  5. I like the look of the Manhattan more, but I've never checked them out in person so my opinion is solely based on elux pics.
  6. Will you be using the purse on a daily basis or just for special events?
    For something thats more parctical and easier to take care of i'll reccommend the truville. If you want something dressier go for the manhattan the problem with the manhattan is the hardware, with time it will change color and get scratched!! I just bought the Deauville and i love the easy clean interior.
  7. Hi there,
    I'm actually a newbie here. I've been lurking for about two weeks and will officially introduce myself one of these days :wacko: , but I had to jump in and post my 2 cents here.
    I just got the Manhattan GM last month for my 35th birthday, and I love, love love it so very much. I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I feel like it's such a classic, versatile bag, and I don't regret my decision for one second.
    I know what you mean about the GM being heavy, but I can say that when you start carrying it, it doesn't really feel heavy anymore. It just sort of starts to feel substantial, if that makes any sense. I guess you just get used to it.
    Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy your choice! If you think of any specific questions about the GM, I'd be happy to try to answer them for you.
    Take care,
  8. Thanks everyone! :smile:

    loriw~ yes noticed the small handles of the trouville... but i suppose it makes the bag more compact? it's a really nice, neat and compact bag.

    helenNZ~ i had my heart set on the manhattan, but when i saw it 'live', something abt the bag just made me go 'ohhhh...hmmm' cos i found the shape abit unexpected. i thought it was longer.

    bagluv~ have u had any probs with the small handles of the trouville?

    talula~ i like pockets in front of my bag (tts the reason why i bought the mulberry rosemary), so was initially attracted to the manhattan... heh.

    moe~ prob more for everyday use, cos it's a fairly big bag to bring for dinners and stuff? the SA also mentioned the Manhattan is more "glamourous", but ppl still do use it for everyday. Urgh! thanks for the reminder on the hardware... the clasps are so lovely when they're nice and shiny!!
  9. I like both bags and I have the Manhattan GM. I use mine for an everyday bag, although I don't carry it everyday :lol: , and it works just fine. The PM should too!

    The Trouville is also a great bag IMO so either choice won't be a bad one.

    My end vote is for the Manhattan PM. Its a looker and small enough to carry what you need and big enough to carry what you need if that makes sense. The Trouville is a bit more plain.
  10. I have the Manhattan PM - I love it!!! I get compliments on the bag constantly. I use it everyday and it is very functional too. The front pockets are great for a cell phone and keys. The inside opens wide because the zippers go all the way down the sides of the bag. The handles are long enough to let you carry it on your arm comfortably too. I love it!! Hope this helps.:biggrin:
  11. The trouville is a great size for putting in basic makeup stuff, agenda, wallet etc! I use it more for work because of the 4 pockets inside and the exterior pocket is great for carkeys and my cardholder.

    I think the Manhattan PM looks great too but I'm paranoid abt the buckles getting scratched... ;-P
  12. I would go with the Manhattan it's more classier, and the handles are much longer, but if you're not a person who obsesses about bag cleanliness and more about function than the Trouville would fit you better..

    Hope that helps...
  13. I love the trouville althought he handles may be a bit too small. It can carry a lot in a veyr organized way. I have issues with the buckles on the manhattans.
  14. I was in the same situation when I purchased my Manhattan. At first I was going to buy the trouville until I saw the manhattan and it was love at first sight. I figured since I was spending a significant amount of money I should go big and pay a little extra for those cute koala buckles on the manhattan!
  15. I prefer the Manhattan! If the style of it doesn't hit a home run with you, I'd check out a few MJ bags. A lot of them have the pockets you like, especially the blake which has a very similar shape.
    mj blake.jpg