Manhattan PM or GM?

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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here. I am so glad I found this forum.

    The thing is, I can not decide between the Manhattan PM and GM.:hysteric: I bought the PM a few days ago and I am thinking if I should exchange it for the GM. I do not know what to do and it would be so nice if you would give me advice on what to do. :yes:
  2. Personally I like the look of the PM better.
  3. I have had both and still have the GM. It is a big bag and has that wow factor. But it is heavy and alot of people don't like it for that reason. Both are nice and you can't go wrong with either.
  4. Welcome to tPF of course!!!!:welcome: :smile:
  5. yup i heard the GM feels so heavy even without anything inside it.. I have the PM and I'm happy with it.Looks sophisticated. It doesn't fail to get attention everytime i use it. But if you normally carry a lot of stuff then exchange it for the GM.
  6. both bags are really nice, i personally like the GM.
  7. Welcome to tPF!:flowers: I have GM and LOVE it!!!:love: I am 5'8" and when I tried PM in the store it looked too small for my frame.
  8. I love both, but love the GM a tad bit more even though I have the PM.
  9. LV_addict and Nikki76: Thanks for welcoming me. :smile:

    LV_addict, I am 5'3 so maybe the GM would be a bit too big for my height.

    Oh, I do not know. Maybe I should just save the 400 bucks and buy shoes. :P
  10. Welcome to the PF!
    Lil_witch, If you are quite small, I would probably reccomed the PM, as I'm 5'4 and tried on the GM a while ago in my nearest LV and even thought I love big bags I think it was just too big for my frame, don't get me wrong it looked lovely, and it a stunning bag, but I just think that the PM would look alot better!
  11. i have the GM and :heart: it!
  12. i'm 5'4" and the PM is just right for me, although i'm thinking of getting the GM too :graucho:. but you may want to think about what you will use the bag for. if it's as an everyday casual bag, for shopping and the like, you may not want to lug the GM around all day because it really is heavy. the PM may be better for that :yes:

    here's the PM on all 5'4" of me :flowers::
    manhattan pm 002.jpg manhattan pm casual 001.jpg
  13. Merry meet!

    I've tried both on in the store, and I liked the PM better, even though I'm 5'7". The GM is gorgeous, but considerably heavier, and it seems like that strap would be a pain to deal with on a daily basis.

    Does the PM hold all the things you need it to?
  14. I leave the strap buckled and just zip and unzip -- you can get in and out pretty easily.
  15. lulilu, I either do what you do or this:
    manhattan GM strap.JPG