Manhattan PM or GM?

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  1. Ok, I am thinking about making my very first LV purchase, and wondering what the utility differences are between the PM and GM - and do any owners have one and do you love it?

    I actually had a speedy back in college that I got as a gift and when the whole LV craze went out of style in the early 90's I actually gave it to the Salvation Army because it was embarrassingly 'out' LOL can u believe it?

    but also one thing I have to remember is that I am an avid handcream user so my handles will grease up much more than I would like.

    but anyway enough babbling - input please? thx!
  2. The thing with the GM is that you have to constantly buckle and unbuckle the strap in order to get into/out of the bag. The PM is a little smaller but easier to manage since it doesn't have the strap. They're both gorgeous though!
  3. I have the PM (got it last August) and love it and the size. It holds everything I normally need/carry on a daily basis - sunglass, cell phone, small pochette, long wallet, checkbook, etc... I purposely chose it over the GM because for me, I liked it being a bit smaller and I did not want the extra piece of leather that is around the center of the bag on the GM. I don't use hand cream during the day so I can't say what might happen but the handles on my PM still look like new. I hope this helps.
  4. Yeah..I don't personally have this bag, but I decided against it because of the buckling/unbuckling thing on the GM and I wanted that size more than the PM. It's dumb because to get into it easily, you'd just have to leave the buckle hanging and it's tacky, IMO. I love the look of it but it's not the most convenient thing ever. I'd go for the PM.
  5. I tried both of them and the GM is so HUGE.
  6. pursegalsf!! I;ve been trying to contact u regarding your botkier and if it's still for sale?? LOL ok back to the LV

    your feedback is totally appreciated, I was just looking at the fabu look of the leather strap, but I will be annoyed with having it hanging around...I have realized that I am a quick in&out purse user, meaning I need something that I can dip into quickly and easily so maybe the PM is my bag? I'm still thinking....but I really do love it and I am thinking it might be a good bag to have on hand -
  7. I vote for the PM, such a cute style
  8. I think the PM would be better as a handbag. The GM just seems like luggage to me...
  9. I have the GM and :love: :love: it.. I don't find the strap a problem 'cause I leave it open. I do think you have to be relatively tall (I'm 5'7) otherwise it looks too big. The only drawback I find is that it's heavy, so if you have to carry it around all day your arm might get painful!!;) I prefer the looks of the GM than the PM also because I like big bags..:biggrin:
  10. well I'm not too tall (5'4) but I am a professional artist to I have to have a big bag to carry around all my digital equiptment ... at any given time I am known to have an external harddrive or two in my bag LOL.

    I am so torn between the two !
  11. My vote is for PM- my sister is 5'4 and owns the PM and it is the perfect size for her, any bigger might have been too much...
  12. I prefer the PM, the GM is quite a bag plus the buckle will probably get annoying !
  13. I vote for the PM!
  14. I think the PM is cuter
  15. You have to choose the bag depending upon your needs. Do you have use for a larger handbag? In my opinion I would go with the GM, but I carry loads with me, also I am a student with two kids and I am always in need of extra compartments and space to place books, diapers, paper work etc..Now if you just carry a cell phone, and a magazine or two then you should definitly go with the PM. I hope this helps you make a decision.