Manhattan PM or Duomo???


If you only have a budget for one, which would you buy now?

  1. Manhattan PM

  2. Damier Duomo

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If you only have a budget for one, which would you buy now?
  2. I like the Manhattan PM better. Are you thinking of getting one of them daffy?
  3. Manhattan PM! :P
  4. That is really hard because the Manhattan in PM or GM are both stunning bags.

    But the Damier Duomo is very sophisticated too.

    But i'd probably say get the mahattan. :yes:
  5. Yes, ever since I became a member of TPF, both is where I might be headed! :nuts:
  6. i prefer the Manhattan bags :love:

    i used to love the Duomo, but i'm beginning to think it looks a little similar to the Speedy
  7. I prefer the Duomo...
  8. I love the Duomo. I don't actually think I've ever seen anyone here carrying that one..I see the Manhattan all over though.
  9. manhattan
  10. Go for the Duomo it's a very chic bag.
  11. Duomo!!
  12. Duomo,hands down!!!!
  13. Duomo ! :yes:
  14. you should get one now, and get the other one later. i would say get the duomo first!
  15. Duomo! :drool: I saw this lady carrying this bag and I couldn't take my eyes off it. So gorgeous IRL.
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