Manhattan PM-Mini Lin Speedy-Fuschia Neo Speedy ? Help please....

  1. Hi i'm new to LV and now i'm obsessed:nuts:

    Planning to get my second and can't decide between Mini lin Speedy, Manhattan PM, and Fuschia Neo Speedy

    I had an Epi Bowling GM (for work) and need something light for everyday use

    Help me please thx:heart:
  2. :heart: :heart: :heart: the Manhattan, but it's not as light as the other two. And I think the Mini Lin colors are more versatile than the fuschia. All three are gorgeous though :smile:.
  3. Mini Lin ebene is light and easy to use on a daily basis. The Manhattan PM is easy also, but may be a little heavier depending on what you carry.
  4. I vote for the fuchsia neo speedy! great for summer!! :love:
  5. Mini Lin Speedy would be the lightest of all three. And, it would be a great everyday bag. For spring and summer, go for Mini Lin Speedy in Dune. It is very pretty. Neo Speedy would be my second choice. :yes:
  6. Manhattan PM!!!!!! :biggrin:
  7. mini lin speedy
  8. Manhattan or fuchsia =)
  9. Me too!:yahoo:
  10. Definitely get the Fuchsia Denim Neo Speedy first!
  11. If you want a fuschia neo you'd better get it now because soon they'll be all gone!
  12. fuchsia neo speedy :smile: btw, i love your avatar :smile:
  13. Manhattan PM, it'll have more timeless appeal...
  14. FUSCHIA NEO SPEEDY!!! It's discontinued so it'll be MUCH harder to find later! The others are all permanent even though they're ALL gorgeous!
  15. manhattan pm!