Manhattan PM ~ good deal? Need opinions!

  1. Hi everyone! OK, i was watching this auction on eBay for a Manhattan PM, authenticators did the authenticating and i thought it would see, but there were no bids! Anyway, i emailed the seller and asked what price she would be willing to see for; she said £500. DO you think this is still pricey? It is in great condition, with no dirty marks on the handles, and it has a lovely pale patina. The only thing that is nagging at me is the corners of the pockets have started to curl up slightly.

    So do you think its a good price or should i just pay the extra and get a BN one!? Thanks everyone!:heart:
  2. Will the corners drive you crazy? They might drive me mad, as I am super protective of my bags, as I am sure you are too. I know that doesn't totally answer your question, but I will say this: I love getting a deal on an LV but if there are imperfections that will bug me I usually pass and try and save up. I hope I am not rambling and some of this made sense or helped!
  3. Hmm...personally I'd prefer to pay the difference and get a brand new one - but only because I love the experience of buying direct, plus you get to break the bag in from new - which is always a good thing to me :yes: