manhattan pm/gm or mj venetia?

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  1. i'm really, really in love with the lv manhattan pm and the mj quilted venetia. :love: but i can really only get one... which one?!

    ooh! and a question about the manhattan. does anyone have the pm or gm? is it easy to carry on your shoulder or is it more of a handbag? is the gm significantly larger than the pm? i've never seen either irl but i went to neiman's today and stopped by the LV boutique and i thought i saw the pm and it looked so tiny compared to elux's pic..

    ahhh. i'm torn! help me please :weird:
  2. Well, I know that unless you're really petite (think Nicole Richie), you won't be able to get the PM on your shoulder. The GM you should be able to, and I have seen the Venetia worn on the shoulder, but I don't know first-hand.
  3. Do you have any pictures to post?
  4. i think it depends on your personal you want something with or without a logo, or are you looking for something a little understated...i like both, but i'd buy the venetia first over the manhattan.

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  5. i think i'd go with the venetia too, even though i love the manhattan, i just think the venetia is more subdued and versatile.
  6. Venetia has an edge (imo).
  7. ^^ I'm going with the others and opting for the Venetia. But both are gorgeous bags!
  8. i agree too, venetia for sure
  9. Manhattan for me! :smile:
  10. Venetia! And this from someone who is a dedicated lover of LV.
  11. I was seriously looking at the pm and gm last week. the pm is wonderful but you can't carry it on your shoulder. the gm is a pain. The buckle is a real buckle and you have to undo it every time you get in the bag or just let it hang open and then it keeps flipping over to the back side making it look kind of sloppy. It also weights a lot. I love the pm.
  12. So did you wind up getting the PM??
  13. The venetia is gorgeous!
  14. I like the venetia, but I love the manhattan so much, it just looks so professional ! In either case, they're both MJ designs anyways !
  15. Is the quilted Venitia an MJ "standard"? Is it something that will still be available 6 months or a year from now, or is it a seasonal bag that won't be repeated? (Forgive my lack of knowledge, but I've only recently become familiar with MJ bags. :shame: )