1. do they hold about same amount of "stuff"? :shrugs:
    i've been using my cerieses speedy 25, MC speedy and Damier papillon back and forth lately, but i can't stop thinking about Manhattan PM.

    i was at LV yesterday and i tried on bunch of bags....but Manhattan was the only bag i didn't actually stuff things in it. i LOVED the way BV (i used to have BH, but i returned it when it first came out) and Baggy GM felt though.
    i really want Baggy GM....but i'm in florida and i hate to hold the bag outside when it's 100% humidity!! :yucky: my dear SA talked me out of it, she said it'll be stinky. yuck,,,,,,to the thought. but....i might get it...i love the pink....:heart:

    i've been doing Mantattan search here, but can't seem to find pics.... could anybody post pics of INSIDE?! how much room?!! thank you in advance! :flowers:
  2. i have both, and they both hold everything i need :yes:

    here are pictures of what i can fit in my Manhattan PM


  3. wow, thank you so much! :P you always have such a lovely items!!
    yeah....i think i really want it! :heart: :smile:
  4. you're welcome :flowers:
    and yes you should get it. it's a beautiful bag!
  5. wow yeuxhonnetes,

    you got cover/cases for everything.
    thats awesome!

    i want a manhattan pm sooooo bad. but im just so broke =/
  6. :P yeah i try to keep my stuff organized. i have cases for my iPod and phone so they don't get scratched or scuffed too much.
  7. It is VERY humid during summer and I ALWAYS use my baggy GM in our long, hot & humid summer esp. with the longer strap. I think it is a great bag for summer:wlae:
  8. Sorry for the dumb question but...why is Baggy GM "not allowed" during hot-humid day?:huh:
  9. I think because you'll be sweating profusely and your bag will get sticky and starts to stink because of the sweat stains on the bag. I onced took my burberry barrel bag on a vacation to Asia w/ me and it was very hot and humid there. I was sweating like crazy and got my bag all sticky and stinky... it was just nasty. I felt really bad for the bag. :sad:
  10. Really??? I was in Miami/Bal Harbour two months ago and it was REALLY HOT but where my bag was lying actually stayed cool and dry, I was so grateful I took that bag with me on the trip.:supacool:
  11. This comment was meant for sophia 618, sorry for the mixup ahead of time.
  12. oh yeah... totally get a Manhattan PM or maybe even a GM... hehehehe!!!
  13. Oh i know...:sad:
    i hate sweat too, especially on bag!!! it sounds like "dirty":Push:

    thanks for the explanation:flowers::heart:
  14. No worries ... I am in Australia and in summer it is very hot and humid :sad:
  15. You can fit exactly the same amount in the Speedy 25 and Manhattan PM. However, you can get to your things easier w/the PM and you can put keys/cell phone, etc. in the front pockets.

    I actually got the Speedy 25 in Damier and gave it to my sister and bought the Manhattan PM a month ago, but now I am selling that b/c I can't stand having a top handle. Got a Balenciaga day/hobo (shoulder bag). Loving it!
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