Manhattan PM and BH...they are here! *pics*

  1. i ordered them on Wed morning and they arrived on Fri mor...! that way quick!!
    so...what do you think of my new bags?!! :heart: i an in LOVE! :love:

    my hubby and i own a small restaurant (cafe & bakery)on the beach:beach: and pics were taken in one of our dining rooms! but i waited to open the boxes until everybody was gone.... to avoid "OMG, she bought more bags!!" comment! :roflmfao: i had to include my speedy which i carried today for a family shot! while i was at it, i took 'what was in my bag' pic too!

    please do visit us when you're in the area! :winkiss:

    happy 185th birthday Mr. Louis Vuitton! :drinkup:
    DSC03383.JPG DSC03384.JPG DSC03387.JPG DSC03390.JPG DSC03392.JPG DSC03393.JPG DSC03394.JPG DSC03395.JPG DSC03397.JPG DSC03400.JPG
  2. The bags are STUNNING!!! CONGRATS!!! Your daughter is SO ADORABLE!!!:tender:
  3. thank you so much Irene, i LOVE all your bags!! :tender: :heart:
  4. Congrats!!! I love your bags! Beautiful!!!!!:love: :love: :love: your little girl is soooo cute, too! :tender:
  5. Congrats! I love them both! Your baby is cute.
  6. Nice i like your manhattan. Oh and you baby is sooooooo adorable u can consider sending her to a modeling agency.

  7. Congrats!!! You have such a cute baby!!
  8. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  9. awww great bags and your daughter is totally adorable! :love:
  10. Beautiful bags! Your little one is so cute.
  11. Gorgeous! And lovely bag guts too =)
  12. Gorgeous bags!! I like your MC Speedy, too. Your daughter is so cute!! :smile:
  13. Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
    You got my 2 favorite purses! Your daughter is such a cutie pie!!:flowers:
  14. you guys are so sweet.....awwww~~ thank you so much!! :tender: :heart:

    i'm still a proud 'semi' new baby is ALWAYS in all pics! haha:love:
  15. Yay!! Great pics!!! You've got great taste in bags!!