Manhattan owners?

  1. do you love it? which one? it's not typically 'my style', but i LOVED it when i saw it and tried it on. now i can't get it out of my head and want it... can't decide on size (though i'm a big bag carrier, so it will probably be the GM).
  2. I have the manhatten pm and wore it out last night to dinner. It is truly a great bag. In fact, it and the lockit are the bags I pull out most frequently. Keep one thing in mind, though, the brass on the front pockets makes it a little heavy.
  3. You see I am not so sure of this bag. I first got it as a Christmas gift last year because I LOVED IT!!! It was a toss up between that and the GM version of the bag but I thought that the GM was a large bag and too heavy to carry as often as I would like so the pm went home to me. But when I actually got the pm I thought that it was too small for me ( I am 5'9 and love to wear heels) I didn't think the bag fit me as well as it would a shorter woman. I love it on shorter frames but I am still up in the air about it for myself.
  4. I own GM and absolutely LOVE it!!! I carry tons with me on a daily bases and the size is perfect for files, folders, papers and everything else I need. I am 5'8" and I think the size is just perfect (for me).

  5. It looks awesome on you! This is one of my favorite LV handbags!

    Totally OT: Ohh That jacket it hot!
  6. I have the PM and love it!!! It actually holds quite a bit! It's one of my favorite LV's. I like the GM, but I'm 5"5 and the pm size tends to be better for my portions.
  7. So pretty!! I wish I pull off the larger one!
  8. Could it be used as a brief case?
    You think a 10 X 14 lap top would fit?

  9. LV_addict and imgg, the bags look fantastic on you two!! Makes me want to run out and get one too!!!

  10. Yes, I think so. I don't carry a lap top with me but the measurements of the bag are 15' x just over 10" so your laptop should fit.

    kookielf124 and imgg, thank you!!!:flowers:

    Syntagma, I LOVE that jacket too!!! I had to have it after I saw it on Vicky B!!!:nuts:
  11. the ManhattanGM is just wonderful.
    I have no problem with the size - the bag itself is very special, I am using it all over the place !
    It is especially good to carry 1-bag, instead of several, so you don't look like a bag-lady, just a lady with a handbag and very pulled-together
  12. LV_addict and imgg....OMG you girls look great with those bags and have caused my squelched desire for a Manhattan to rear it's head again...
  13. While I think VB is like the hottest. It looks better on you than her! :yes:
  14. OMG Irene! You looked just like Victoria Beckham !!!! You look absolutely stunning with the GM and matching jacket. :jammin: I think you even do it better than her! :yes:
  15. imgg, PM looks PERFECT on your frame!!! The size is just right!!! LOVE IT!!!:nuts:

    Thanks again, everyone!!!:kiss: :kiss: :kiss: