Manhattan owners-do you love, love it??

  1. Considering 2 bags for my bday next month....the Alma, which I've posted about before and got positives about, but now.....ever since I saw a Manhattan IRL on a fab looking woman....I am wondering if this is the "it" bag for me!!!!
    Definitely looking for a hand/arm carry bag....but can the Manhattan be worn on your shoulder if needed???
    TIA for any advice at all!:confused1:
  2. Yes.. I love my manhattan pm !!
  3. Are you planning on getting the PM or the GM?

    I have the GM and almost bought the PM too (might do so one day though). The GM is beautiful but very heavy, but it can fit over your shoulder if you're not wearing a heavy coat. The PM is really cute but is handheld only.

    I really like both but it depends what you will be using it for...I consider the GM more as a travel bag now because it is so big! The PM is a great size and very chic-looking too...Good luck!:smile:
  4. I was looking at the PM!
    Thanks for the info on being handheld only. Saw it on someone and it did look so chic!!!!
  5. i have the GM and PM, and i love them both. the Manhattan style is so classy and elegant
  6. Can't speak for the Manhattan, but love my Almas!!
  7. You can't go wrong with either.
  8. I love both, although right now the Alma is available in a wider range of prints/colours. I prefer the Manhattan PM because I think it looks cuter while the GM looks more like luggage to me. Personally I prefer LV handbags for some reason. I never used to be a handbag gal!
  9. I love the Manhattan pm. I don't have one yet, but thinking of getting one for myself. You can't go wrong with it.
  10. Manhattan gm can be,
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    if you're tiny you can with the pm, but I dont think it will be overly comfy.

  11. Def :love: them but prefer GM :smile:
  12. I love both - can't go wrong with either one.
  13. I love this bag, I would get it for sure.
  14. I have the PM, and I don't really consider myself tiny..I found that if you don't put too much into it you can definitely put it over your shoulder with no problem, but if you stuff it, it's not the greatest thing.

    I loove my PM, and brings a classier look to my outfits rather than my speedies. I love that it's structured even if I only have a set of keys and lipgloss in it.

    I would highly recommend it! for sure!
  15. I have the PM and love it so much. So elegant and classy..