Manhattan GM

  1. Does anyone use their Manhattan GM everyday? Just curious how you like it for an everyday bag.
  2. I used to use my Taiga Ivan (looks like a Manhattan but bigger and all leather) for school when I carried TONS, but my work load has went down some... but the overall shape and everything aobut the bag is GREAT, I used mine everyday and I don't see why you can't use the purse version haha.
  3. I LOVE that bag. But I opted for the PM instead because the GM just looks too big on me and is pretty heavy. Even my manhattan is pretty heavy if I carry it all day shopping. Other than that, I think it is one of lv's most beautiful bags!
  4. i've been carrying mine for the past two month or so for almost everyday....(except for a few occasions, i had to take backpack to SeaWorld!!) --- i think it's great day bag!

    i've been taking it to the work, to the Dr' fits alot and i never have to un/buckle the middle leather part and get stuff in and out pretty easy... the front pockets are great for cell phones and other stuff small..... it fits all my stuff plus my daughter's and i think it's ALOT more comfortable to carry than my BH!

    i do have Manhattan PM also, but GM is my new favorite right now. the weight doesn't bother me.... are you thinking about getting it?!!!

    i was getting chinese take out after my dr's appointment and the owner girl behind the counter just loved my bag...wanted to know which LV i got it from and asked me if it was around $2000......i said yep, just about --- you should get it BEFORE it goes OVER $2000!!! it's a great bag! look all the celebs are carrying~! =)
  5. It's near the top of my list! Why does LV and Chanel have to have so many fabulous bags!?!?
  6. I don't have one but I would love too...
  7. This is my HG bag!!!!!!
  8. I have the PM version and I find it too heavy to carry all day ... but that's just me, I guess I'm a weakling. The GM is so gorgeous, you should definitely get it ... so classy and timeless! One of LV's best yet, thanks to MJ of course and his venetia bag from his own line.
  9. I've been carrying my GM every single day for the past 4 months or so! It's a LOVELY bag, too gorgeous for words and catches quite a bit of attention, but in a subtle way (meaning that it doesn't scream 'look at me' but is still classy at the same time). It fits tons, and I really mean tons! I also use it on long flights (Europe->Asia) and once at the security check my husband whispered to me that the security guards were eyeing my bag and talking about it!

    Now, especially during winter time, it fits all my necessities plus my son's blanket, scarf, hat, gloves, my husband's (!!!) stuff like GPS device, and lots more! This is the only bag that I will buy again once it has lived its' days due to fab functionality and super design.
  10. I personally wouldn't carry it everyday... it's too beautiful. I have one and only use it for special occasions. It's the Monogram Canvas showcase bag... So I treat it like a new born baby... It's SO gorgeous in real life too. I would definitely recommend getting it... but to carry it everyday, no. If you live in a place with great weather all year round, then everyday isn't bad... but I live in NE so it will get the most use in the late spring/summer.
  11. I've had mine for almost a year and it's my only LV bag. It fits everything you would need (including magazines and newspapers if you're traveling), but honestly it is a little heavy. I take it when I go shopping, looping my arm through it, and after about 30 min I start feeling some neck/shoulder pains. But sometimes I carry it on my shoulder and it's fine that way. I love it but it's showing some wear! The leather strap is getting dry and kinda crackly (I assume because of the weather where I live). Otherwise it's a GREAT bag. I even take it out at night. It's really classy with a nice coat in the winter and really cute with a white outfit in the summer! I would definitely recommend it, especially since the price might increase, as someone else mentioned. I personally leave the strap buckled and pull the zippers to the same side, so that I can kinda reach into it half-way unzipped, but some others tuck the strap in the back loop and that works too. I kinda wish I had an easier top-zip bag like a speedy but speedies are so common I think...I've rarely seen anyone else with a manhattan pm or gm. Good luck!
  12. I soooooooooo want the manhattan, but i would like it in the black MC instead of the mono canvas.
  13. I think it's a gorgeous and classic bag, but it was just too heavy for me. I am 5'2" and found the Manhattan a bit overwhelming IMHO, so I got the PM instead. Remember, get what YOU love!!!
  14. My mother uses her GM I got her as an everyday bag, and I use my PM often. I would have opted for the GM if I could carry the weight :p
  15. Oh no......not every day.