Manhattan GM weight vs........

  1. hi.........just wondering if anyone knows how the weight of the LV Manhattan GM compares to a Marc Jacobs Stella bag when they are empty? (or full) Thanks so much! giselle
  2. all i know, is the GM is very heavy. the PM is pretty heavy as it is, because of the construction, and mostly because of the 'koala' buttons.. the GM is just even heavier.
  3. I have the Man. GM. I don't think its heavy at all unless you carry a LOT of stuff in it ..........thats with any bag. To me its actually light for its size.

    Can't comment on the MJ, don't have one.
  4. I have the GM as well. I agree that it's not heavy. But you also have to consider that if you're looking to carry a large bag, then it comes with the possibility of heavy factor. And it depends how much stuff you actually carry. Some people just like large bags, and don't put much in it. About the MJ, I have the Stam, which is fine. I don't know about the other one.
    Good luck either way:smile: