Manhattan GM VS PM <3

  1. okay so remember when i was all like oh i think the gm is too big blah blah blah. i have reconsidered. and i am def getting the Gm for me, still getting the PM for my bfs mom though (shes only like 5'2" or so...she really cant handle the bag.) but what changed my mind is the celeb section because i saw a pic of jessica simpson with it and it didnt look to big on her and i think shes not that 5'3"-5"5" and im 5'6" so it should be alright. thanks to everyone that helped with comments. im not gonna post pics when i get it cause im sure you all have seen it a million times. :yahoo:
  2. Yay! Congrats on the new choice! :smile:
  3. Nice choice.
    Yeah JS is only 5'3ish
  4. i want manhattan GM too :hysteric:

    look at sandra's visual aid, it looks really great on her and it doesnt look too big as she initially think though

    :heart: Sandra
  5. Just got my GM delivered by Fed Ex. It's gorgeous! I'm 5'8".
  6. ohhhh im so jealoussss diamondlady

    do post some pics so that i could drooling over it please :graucho: ;)
  7. i first got the Manhattan PM because i didn't like the strap on the GM and i thought it was too big for me. but then when i tried it on in the store i fell in love with it, and after that i had to have it. i still think it's a little big on me, but eventually i'll get used to it :P