Manhattan GM vs. Black Denim Mahina XL

  1. I'm heading over to LV this weekend with SO to look at the black denim mahina and the ever-famous manhattan gm. I've been looking for a very casual, large tote bag to take with me when I travel during Christmas, summer, etc. and have educated myself with the pros and cons of both. I just need you guys to help nudge me in the right direction, as I've grown fond of both! :confused1: I know I will get both eventually, but can any of you provide me with some input as to which to get first? :sweatdrop: Does anyone have both?? Which do you think would get the most use? I don't think I've even read about anyone owning the Denim XL. Any feedback would be appreciated! :flowers: Thanks for helping me decide!
  2. I don't own either one but my vote goes for getting the Black Denim Mahina XL first :yes:
  3. Manhattan Gm. The Denim Mahina is too slouchy for me while the Manhattan is more in shape.
  4. i think in this case the Manhattan GM is nicer; i love mine. if you want the Mahina i think the leather version is nicer; i have that and i love it.
  5. Thanks guys! It's a tie so far.. keep 'em coming!
  6. Manhattan GM gets my vote- i have this and love it! casual or business.... great bag! the XL is slouchy---- im really not into slouchy bags. i need them to STAND UP! hehehehehe! kwim?... but either way- lovely!
  7. manhattan gm..
  8. I'm not too fond of the black denim because of the faded look, I do love the mahina style and got it in the leather instead ... and I absolutely love it! The manhattan GM is a little heavy with all that hardware - but it is also a must have imo. If you're eventually going to buy both, then I would suggest the mahina for now if you need it for travel ... since it could fit more than the manhattan.
  9. Denim!! Have you looked at the neo-cabby?
  10. I have the Manhattan GM and it is Fab. But it is heavy. Now I don't mind heavy. Whenever I carry it people stare (which I love). Now if you don't mind the slouch-ness of the denim XL, then get it. But if you want structure get the GM. It will always be Fab.

  11. mahina!
  12. Black Denim Mahina XL
  13. The neo-cabby is gorgeous also, but out of the 2, I prefer the look of the denim XL. I don't have any denim yet either! I definitely don't mind the slouch, but am afraid of the fading and it not being water resistent. I'm also afraid of the manhattan being so heavy that it wouldn't make as good as a travel bag. Thanks for all of your input, everyone! :flowers::flowers:
  14. You said you were looking for a casual bag, a tote and for that, I'd suggest the Denim Mahina... It looks much more casual, loose, and looks like it'd be great for travel. Definately get the Manhattan soon too because that is a gorgeous bag although more structured and classic :smile:
  15. This is a no-brainer, get the MAHINA!